Primary Quest: Princess Evangeline

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This quest has two parts. The first part takes place in the Garden of the Ancients. There you'll run into the Champion Rahvan (#1), who will prevent you from entering the Azunite Burial Grounds until you've brought to him three champion's death masks. You can find the death masks inside the Frozen Crypts in the northern part of the region (#2).

Note: There are actually four champion's death masks -- one for each of Rahvan's brothers, and one for Rahvan as well. If you bring Rahvan all four masks, then he'll trigger the secondary quest Rahvan's Curse.

Once you've satisfied Champion Rahvan, he'll allow you to enter the Azunite Burial Grounds, where the second part of the quest takes place. Eventually, you'll make your way into the Azunite Catacombs, where you'll encounter a Dark Wizard of Valdis (#3).

The dark wizard is more of a nuisance than a difficult foe, but he has 40,000 hit points, meaning that you'll have to survive a lot of abuse before you'll finally be able to kill him. In particular, the dark wizard frequently summons undead Azunites to help him, he teleports around making it difficult to target him, and he conjures up crystal shields to protect him. While the shields are active, the dark wizard is invulnerable, so target the shields first, and make sure that you're in "mirror mode" so that your party is attacking what you want it to attack. You might also have luck using the "spirit embrace" nature spell, since the wizard primarily uses a lightning attack, and it probably won't hurt to have a lot of potions around, either.

After you've defeated the dark wizard, Princess Evangeline (#4) will be freed from her bonds. After talking to her twice, she'll open the door to the north (#5), and she'll offer to join your party. That's where the quest will end.

1 - Champion Rahvan

2 - Frozen Crypts

3 - Dark Wizard

4 - Princess Evangeline

5 - Locked Door