Secondary Quest: Mythrilhorn

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Pet Seller Galeron will give you this quest when you visit him in the Aman'lu pet shop (Aman'lu, #11), provided that you ask him for a "special" pet.


Galeron will tell you about a mage named Khartos the Wise, who might be able to help you summon a creature called a mythrilhorn. However, Khartos has disappeared, and Galeron won't have any idea about where to find him. If you read the journal entry for the quest, it will suggest that you talk to the people of Eirulan to find Khartos, but that isn't great advice. The only person in Eirulan who might mention Khartos is Lacla at the Terrace of the Falls (Eirulan, near #9), and she'll only mention a rumor indicating that Khartos moved to Kalrathia. (You'll probably have to talk to Lacla several times to get her to say this.)

You'll find Khartos in the Kalrathia tavern (Kalrathia, #3). He'll be using the name Khartos the Strong, and he'll be pretending to be a fighter. You'll have to fight him to prove your worth, but once you've done that, Khartos will agree to help you summon a mythrilhorn at his rift site.

You'll find Khartos' Rift Site at the northern edge of the Northern Plain of Tears (#1). When you talk to Khartos there, he'll order you to protect him while he summons the mythrilhorn. Then Khartos will move to the rift, and several Durvla will proceed to jump through. Once the Durvla are dead, if you talk to Khartos again, he and a tame mythrilhorn will head back to Kalrathia.

To complete the quest, simply head back to the pet shop in Aman'lu and talk to Galeron again. The pet shop owner will congratulate you on your success, he'll drop a couple items for you to loot, and then he'll offer to let you buy a mythrilhorn from him as a pet.