Secondary Quest: Sartan's Suspicion

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Feltan the Drunkard in the Kalrathia tavern (Kalrathia, #3), provided that you have Sartan in your party.


Feltan will drunkenly babble on about spies for a while, but then after some prodding from Sartan, he'll reveal that one spy is named Osric, and that Osric can be found east of town.

You'll find Osric behind a locked door (#1) in the Eastern Plain of Tears. By pretending to be with the "resistance," Sartan will trick Osric into opening the door, but then Sartan will go nuts and kill Osric with a single swing of his weapon. At that point, Soldier Orayne (who you might remember from Windstone Fortress) will come in and explain that Sartan just made a horrible mistake, and that Osric had been working undercover, looking for some prisoners being held by the Morden. Obviously, then, you'll need to free the prisoners to make amends for the accidental death.

The prisoners (#4) are being kept inside a Morden Arsenal. Sartan will get you through the front door of the arsenal (#2), but after that you'll have to get your own hands dirty and do a bit of fighting to reach the prisoners. To actually get the prisoners out of their cells, you'll need to blow up the four conveniently-placed bombs. Each time you attack a bomb (using any attack; even melee attacks are safe), it will blow open a prison door, and three prisoners will go free.

After freeing all 12 prisoners, return to Soldier Orayne to complete the quest. He won't give you a reward. The only reward you'll really receive for the quest is what you'll find in the big chest (#5) located in one of the prison cells.

1 - Locked Door

2 - Locked Door

3 - Secret Door

You can open the secret door by pressing the button on the wall to the east.

4 - Prison

5 - Big Chest