Secondary Quest: The Armorer's Apprentice
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You'll receive this quest from Telinu in the Merchant's Terrace of Eirulan (Eirulan, #2).


Telinu will tell you that she is behind in her studies, and she'll ask you to go to the Great Hall (Eirulan, #11), read the Tome of Smithing there, and then relay to her the correct recipe for crafting dryad armor.

Note: You won't be able to reach the Great Hall until after you've completed the quest The Morden Towers.

After you've picked up the tome, read it and then return to Telinu. She'll ask you for the recipe. The correct answer is the one with five squares of leather and three pots of wax, and where the leather is coated with wax (this always seems to be answer 3). If you tell Telinu the right recipe, then she'll make you a set of rare crafted dryad armor and also give you a rare dryad spell book. If you tell her the wrong recipe, then she'll make you blundered dryad armor, which is worse than regular dryad armor.