Secondary Quest: A Servant's Haunt

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Eldoriath Wilwarin will give you this quest when you talk to him in his house in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #15).


Eldoriath will tell you about his uncle Threnith, who was a servant to Master Levreth until supposedly robbing and killing him. Eldoriath will claim that Threnith was framed, which is why Threnith still haunts the Levreth Estate, and he'll ask you to look into the matter. To help you out, Eldoriath will give you a copy of the guard's report (Book 26), written by Tamwen the guard.

You can talk to Tamwen the guard in the Aman'lu tavern (Aman'lu, #2). She won't tell you much -- just that the "evidence was solid," but that there was "something odd" about the matter.

To find out what really happened, you'll need to travel to the Levreth Estate south of Aman'lu (Southern Vai'lutra Forest, #7). There you'll meet Threnith. If you haven't yet completed the secondary quest A Dark Ohm, then you'll need to do that before you can speak with Threnith. However, after you've spoken to him once, you won't need to keep activating the chant in order to keep talking to him.

Threnith will basically send you on a scavenger hunt. You'll need to pick up a portrait of the lady of the estate (Quest Item 50), a lock of golden hair (Quest Item 51), a burned letter (Book 27), and the jewels of the Levreth estate (Quest Item 52). Each time you pick up an object and talk to Threnith, he'll open up a new portion of the estate, and he'll remember more of what happened on the day that his master was murdered. Eventually you'll work out that Lady Levreth's brother committed the murder.

When you return to Eldoriath with your information, he'll drop a few items for you, and the quest will end. However, Threnith won't quite be content yet. He'll ask you to bring Lady Levreth and her brother to justice. That request is covered in A Servant's Haunt, Part Two.

1 - Lecterns

On the three lecterns here, you'll find the chant of fighter health (Chant 30), the chant of mage health (Chant 31), and the chant of ranger health (Chant 32).

2 - Button a Secret Door

Pressing the button (#2) will open the nearby secret door (#2a).

3 - Portrait of Lady Levreth

4 - Lock of Golden Hair

5 - Burned Letter

6 - Chest with Jewels

7 - Door

The button that opens the door can be found on the wall right next to it (on the western side).

  1. Elevator that (eventually) leads back to the Southern Vai'lutra Forest.