Primary Quest: The Agallan Trial

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This quest has two parts. The first part is easy. You'll just need to visit Advisor Kynos in the Kalrathia great hall (Kalrathia, #5) and ask him for the crystal that will allow you to visit the Agallan Giants. Kynos won't want to give the crystal to you, and he'll even attack you to keep it out of your hands, but he's not very powerful, and it shouldn't take very long to finish him off.

When Kynos dies, he'll drop a Kalrathian crystal (Quest Item 93) and a Kalrathian house key (Quest Item 94). The house key can be used to enter Kynos' apartment (Kalrathia, #8), but you won't find much inside. The crystal, on the other hand, can convert the fountain in the courtyard (Kalrathia, Exit C) into an elevator, which will then take you down to the area where you can attempt the Agallan trial.

The trial is the second part of the quest, and it is probably more difficult to explain than it is to complete. First off, you'll have to speak to the Azunite Ancestor (#1). He'll give you some information about how the trial works. Then you'll need to turn on four water spigots (#3) and open a series of gates (#4) so that water will flow into a mechanism beneath the floor and raise up four pieces of a bridge (#2), allowing you to reach a portal (Exit C) that will take you to the Agallan Peaks.

There are some secret doors (#5) that will let you move around the area more quickly, but most of the trial should be pretty straightforward to complete. The only two complicated parts come at control consoles (#6). In these two spots, it's best to use the "wait" party mode (you might need to go to options->input->hotkeys to set the hotkey for this mode; we always use 0) and have one character stand at the console while your other characters move through the maze of doors that the consoles control.

Note: The best way to start the trial is to head through the caverns on the western side. Then you can circle around and open the two secret doors closest to the exit, allowing you easy access to the rest of the trial.

Once you've completed the trial, cross the bridge, loot the four big chests (#7), and then go through the portal to the Agallan Peaks. You'll receive a bonus skill point when you do.

1 - Azunite Ancestor

2 - Four-Part Bridge

3 - Water Spigots

4 - Gates

5 - Secret Doors

6 - Control Consoles

7 - Big Chests