Secondary Quest: Dwarven Song of Ore

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Historian Leontia will trigger this quest when you talk to her in the Kalrathia great hall (Kalrathia, #6), provided that you ask her how you might assist her.


Leontia will ask you to look for the lost Dwarven Song of Ore, which supposedly helped the dwarves find veins of gold inside their mines. Leontia will tell you that the song has three stanzas, and that you'll need to learn all three in order for the song to be useful. However, Leontia is wrong. There are actually four stanzas to the song.

The first three stanzas can be found in the Upper Mines of the Kaderak (#1-3). When you return to Leontia after finding all three, she'll reward you with the chant of prosperity (Chant 36). The quest will appear to be complete at that point, but then in the Lower Mines of Kaderak (The Lower Mines of Kaderak, #4), you'll find the fourth stanza. When you relay that stanza to Leontia as well, she'll teach you the greater chant of prosperity (Chant 54), and she'll give you the unique ring stoutgrip.

1 - Silver Stanza

2 - Iron Stanza

3 - Gold Stanza

You'll need to open a secret door to reach this stanza. The lever that controls the door can be found right next to it.