Secondary Quest: Feldwyr the Blacksmith

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You'll receive this quest from Feldwyr (#1) in the Underground Shelter. However, you'll have to fight level 22-24 enemies during the quest, including a few elites, and so you might want to skip the quest when you first come to it and then return to it later. You won't get the reward from the quest until Act Two anyway.


Feldwyr will ask you to retrieve his anvil and some mythril ore from the plagued creatures who stole them, and he'll open up the secret door to the east (#2) so that you can get to them.

You'll find Feldwyr's anvil on an elite level 15 witch doctor (#3), and you'll find Feldwyr's mythril ore on an elite level 24 decorated taclak basher (#5). Getting the anvil should be easy, but the ore can be a problem because of all of the high level creatures guarding it. So let the elite level 24 decorated taclak tracker (#4) be your guide. Once you can kill it without your party getting wiped out, then you can probably handle the enemies behind it.

When you return to Feldwyr with his anvil and ore, he'll inform you that creatures came through the wall to the north (#6) and stole his hammer, and he'll ask you to retrieve that as well.

You'll find the hammer with a pair of elite level 24 decorated taclak trackers (#7). There will also be a bunch of non-elite level 22 trackers with them. So try to pick off the minions before the big guys, and don't be afraid to use a lot of potions. One of the elite trackers will drop Feldwyr's hammer when it dies.

When you return to Feldwyr, he'll tell you that he'll start working on your weapon right away, but that it will take him "a few days" to complete it. Since you'll claim that you won't be able to wait around that long, the two of you will reach an agreement where he'll send the weapon to his brother Fyrndolf in Aman'lu, and allow you to pick it up there.

You'll find Fyrndolf next to the armor and weapon merchants in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #3). When you talk to him, he'll drop a unique or set weapon for you, and that will end the quest.

1 - Feldwyr

2 - Secret Door

3 - Witch Doctor

4 - Decorated Taclak Tracker

5 - Decorated Taclak Basher

6 - Secret Door

7 - Two Decorated Taclak Trackers