Secondary Quest: The Lost Jewels of Soranith

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Kevarre the Explorer will give you this quest when you talk to him in the Kalrathia tavern (Kalrathia, #3).


Kevarre will tell you about a vault he discovered. Inside, there were statues that when rotated "caused beautiful lights to run through grooves on the floor." Kevarre will speculate that the vault belonged to Soranith the Eldersmith, and that the puzzles inside lead to a pair of jewels. If you can uncover the jewels and prove his theory, then Kevarre will offer to give you the amulet he found in the first part of the vault.

You can find the Mysterious Vault in the Northern Plain of Tears (The Northern Plain of Tears, #7). In the first room (#1), you'll find the puzzle that Kevarre solved to gain the amulet. The puzzles in the vault are "tracing" puzzles. That is, you'll need to start at a node and then "draw" all of the lines without lifting your "pencil." The first puzzle is essentially a triangle, and so it was no doubt very easy for Kevarre to solve.

The second puzzle (#2) is a more complicated figure with five nodes and eight lines. There are several ways to solve it, but Figure 1 shows one such way. If you make a mistake while trying to solve the puzzle, you can click on the "reset statue" on the southern side of the room and start over. Once you've completed the puzzle, the doors to the south (#3) will open, allowing you to access a treasure room (#4) and the third puzzle (#5). Inside the treasure room, you'll find Soranith's silver ring, one of the two jewels that Kevarre asked you to find.

The third puzzle is even more complicated. It contains nine nodes and 12 lines. Again, there are several ways to solve the puzzle, but one possible solution is shown in Figure 2. Once you've completed the puzzle, the doors to the south (#6) will open, allowing you to enter another treasure room. In this treasure room (#7), you'll find a lectern with a mysterious chant (Chant 55) on it, and you'll also find a big chest with Soranith's gold ring inside. The gold ring is the second jewel that Kevarre asked you to find.

That's all you can do in the vault. When you return to Kevarre in Kalrathia, he'll praise your success, and then he'll give you Soranith's Amulet, thus completing the quest.

1 - First Puzzle

2 - Second Puzzle

3 - Locked Doors

4 - First Treasure Room

5 - Third Puzzle

6 - Locked Doors

7 - Second Treasure Room