Primary Quest: The Siege of Greilyn Beach

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This quest is the game's tutorial. It should be straightforward to complete. Just follow the instructions given to you, and look for the gold stars on the mini-map. Gold stars show where quest-related NPCs are located. Such NPCs will also have an orange "?" over their head. NPCs with a blue "i" over their head can provide you with useful tutorial information. You might want to talk to them as well.

Drevin is the only companion you'll receive for this quest. He's only level 1, but he has a level 3 "brutal attack" power, and so he should be able to kill anything you come across in a single hit, provided he's using a melee weapon. It takes powers a while to recharge, so save his power for when you need it (such as at #4 and #5).

If you'd rather not travel with Drevin, then you can give your party the "wait" order (you might need to go to options->input->hotkeys to set up the hotkey for this party order). That will cause the non-selected party member to stand still and not move with the selected character. However, while you can solo all of the enemies in the tutorial, there are a few gates where you'll have to have Drevin with you so that you can continue. If you want, you can make "minor resurrect" Drevin's active attack. Then he'll follow along with you but not do anything.

Finally, during the tutorial, Drevin will make mention of his medallion. The medallion is Quest Item 1, and, as such, you'll only see it by opening your journal (by pressing "J") and selecting the "quest items" entry under the "lore items" tab. For a complete list of the lore items, see the lore items section.

Note: Your character will start with a hero's amulet and a hero's ring. These are just regular objects that can be worn or sold at any time. The hero's amulet isn't the same as Drevin's medallion.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Transport

If you walk inside the transport, you'll find a chest that you can loot. Most chests in the game are random, but this one is fixed. Inside you'll find a stout broken leaf jerkin, a warped short bow, some potions, and some gold.

3 - Field Hospital

One of the shelves here will drop an endless supply of resurrect scrolls. However, all of the scrolls will disappear after you've completed the tutorial.

When you exit the hospital, you'll catch a glimpse of Amren. You'll see him again in Act 1, but you won't be able to recruit him as a companion until Act 2. See the pets and companions section for details.

4 - Tough Battles

You'll have some tough battles with ketrils and more starting here, so be prepared.

5 - Infused Ketril

The infused ketril is an example of an elite enemy. You'll recognize these enemies because they'll always have a glowing orange ring on the ground around their feet. Elite enemies are tougher than regular enemies, but they tend to drop better loot.

6 - Ending Point

When you exit the cave, a cut scene will start up. Drevin will be killed (note to self: don't ask Valdis when you're going to get paid), you'll be captured, and the tutorial will come to an end.

7 - Temple

You should only see the temple in a cut scene (see #6). If the cut scene ends and you find yourself in the temple rather than in jail in Eirulan, then you've encountered a bug, and you'll need to load your game.