Primary Quest: The Town of Aman'lu

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This is a simple quest. All you'll need to do is have a short conversation with Celeb'hel the Elder in the Aman'lu Town Hall (#1).

Celeb'hel will tell you that the Aegis of Death used to reside in Aman'lu, but that three days ago, Princess Evangeline took the Aegis with her when she left for Snowbrook Haven. Since the princess left before Valdis revealed himself to be an enemy of the elves -- and since therefore she might not be aware of her danger -- Celeb'hel will encourage you to catch up to her and make sure she reaches Snowbrook Haven safely.

The only problem is that Princess Evangeline took the southern road from Aman'lu when she left. That's a problem because the bridge leading to the southern road was destroyed during Valdis' attack, and the only person who can repair the bridge is Finala, who is currently more concerned about fixing the Prism of the Elves.

At the end of the conversation, Celeb'hel will give you permission to use the northern gate of Aman'lu (#2), and he'll give you the Aman'lu Teleporter Activation Scroll (Quest Item 28) and a map of Aman'lu (Map 5).