Secondary Quest: The Legendary Mace of Agarrus

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Berseba will trigger this quest when you talk to her near the fountain in Kalrathia (Kalrathia, #10).


Berseba will mention the mace of Agarrus, a mace so strong that it can "level fortresses." However, Berseba won't know anything about it, and she'll direct you to an explorer named Tai'esse in Aman'lu.

You can find Explorer Tai'esse at the Aman'lu inn (Aman'lu, #2). Tai'esse will tell you that she has collected several fragments from a stone tablet that purportedly reveals the location of the mace, and that only one fragment remains to be found. Naturally, she'll then ask you to find that last fragment, and she'll give you a stone key (Quest Item 69) to help you out.

You can find the stone tablet fragment (Quest Item 70) (#1) in the Snowbrook Grotto (the closest teleporter is in the Snowbrook Foothills). You won't have to do anything special to pick up the fragment. It'll just be lying on the ground behind a locked door (which you'll need the stone key to open). There won't even be an elite enemy guarding it.

When you return to Tai'esse with the fragment, she'll put together the stone tablet and discover that Agarrus' tomb (#2) can be found in the Lost Valley of the Azunites (the closest teleporter is on the western side of the Cliffs of Azunai). Tai'esse will then give you the repaired stone tablet (Quest Item 71) so that you can use it to enter the tomb.

Note: If you haven't yet been to the "island" where Agarrus' tomb is located, the button that closes the southern bridge to it can be found near the lantern south of it.

Inside the tomb, after unlocking a door using the repaired stone tablet, you'll meet Guardian Magentus. Magentus won't be excited to see you -- he won't be excited about anything, really -- but he'll tell you some of the history of the half-giants, and he'll drop several items for you, including the Mace of Agarrus. Then he'll disappear, and the quest will end.

1 - Stone Tablet Fragment

2 - Tomb of Agarrus