Bonus: The Mysterious Quest

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The Mysterious Quest isn't technically a quest. You won't ever find under the "quest log" tab of your journal. Instead, it's the method through which you can visit the Easter Egg area of the game, plus the Easter Egg area itself.

You'll need to find four things for the Mysterious Quest:
  1. The mysterious bucket, located in a secret room in the Lost Elven Ruins (Some Lost Elven Ruins, #5).
  2. The mysterious token, found in the final treasure chest during the secondary quest The Aman'lu Arena.
  3. The mysterious book, rewarded at the end of the secondary quest Lore of Aranna.
  4. The mysterious stone (Quest Item 96), dropped by the "???" creature when you kill it. The "???" creature has a slight chance of appearing every time a rare or better item drops in the game, but it will only stick around for a few seconds. You probably won't be able to kill it until Act Three. To increase the number of times it appears, wear as many "chance to find magic items" bonuses as possible.
Once you've acquired the first three items, notice a couple things about them. The bucket contains the phrase "vex quit from," the token contains the phrase "quit from vex," and the book contains the phrase "from vex quest." Also, if you wear the items (the token is an amulet), you'll discover three groups of numbers listed as set bonuses: "5 2 6 4 3 9 2 8," "3 11 7," and "6 10 1 2 7."

The numbers are indexes. If you replace the numbers with the relevant letters from the phrase "quit from vex," you'll end up with the new phrase "furtivum ixo requo." However, that's not the correct order for the words. The correct order is "requo furtivum ixo." (In case you're curious, the people who figured this out apparently used a lot of trial and error.)

The Mysterious Cave

If you look at the journal entry for the mysterious stone, you'll find the words "surotces suiranmuloc" in italics. This is a chant, but it's backwards. The actual chant is "columnarius sectorus." If you manually type in that chant (by pressing the enter key first) while standing at an incantation shrine, you'll be taken to a Mysterious Cave (#1).

Note: You'll start out at a teleporter, but the teleporter will only take you away from the Mysterious Cave. So you might want to summon a town portal just in case things go badly. Otherwise you'll manually have to type in the chant at a shrine again.

Not far into the cave, you'll come to a door blocked by a blue forcefield (#2). You'll need the mysterious bucket to open this door (the bucket doesn't need to be equipped to work as the key). Beyond the door you'll find numerous level 40 prairie dogs, including elite prairie dogs. Prairie dogs don't sound dangerous, but they can swarm you, so be careful.

At the end of the prairie dog section, you'll find another door with a blue forcefield (#3). For this door you'll need the mysterious book (which, again, doesn't need to be equipped). Beyond the door you'll encounter the most difficult part of the Mysterious Cave. That's because sprinkled in this section you'll find evil versions of your companions, and they'll all be level 40 elites with tons of hit points. In fact, the evil companions are tough enough that if you get more than two fighting you at once, your group will probably get wiped out. So you should try and lure the companions to you one or two at a time. For best results, you should use wait mode (press 0 to get into this mode), and have one character do the luring while the other characters wait to pounce.

Note: At least in earlier versions of the game, dying in this section of the Mysterious Cave could break the upcoming door (#4). That's because the door requires you to kill all of the evil companions, but dying sometimes causes a few of the companions to disappear. So we'd recommend that you save your game before fighting the evil companions, and then only save again once you've made it through the door.

Another Note: When the evil companions spot you, they'll talk first and then move. So when you hear them say something, you should start retreating your "lure" character back to the rest of your party. If you wait for the companion to actually move, you might wake up more companions than you need to.

In the section past the evil companions, you'll find NPC's representing most of the people who worked on the game. Several of these can give you objects:
  1. Chris Gorski (#5). He'll ask you to play a "hunt-the-wumpus" style game. There are probably quite a few answers that work, but the one we found was: E*9, S*2, W, S*3, W*2, Fire West. If you manage to kill the giant gremal in the game, then you'll win a gremal gun.
  2. Andres Mendez (#6). He'll give you a quiz about Colombia. The answers are Bogota, yellow/blue/red, 8660, 55% and Simon Bolivar -- but don't worry; if you get a question wrong, you can just take the quiz again (and again and again if you need to). Once you've answered correctly, Mendez will give you the unique sword Spirit of Bolivar.
  3. Brian Ficks (#7). If you have the Hak'u ceremonial blade from the secondary quest Taar's Investigation, then Ficks will offer to "trick it out" for you. If you accept, then you'll end up with the Hak'uber ceremonial blade.
  4. Chris Taylor (#8). If you hang out and keep talking to him and keep watching the pillow fight, there's a good chance that Taylor will eventually drop a fluffy happy pillow.
Finally, at the last door (#9), you'll need to wear the three items from the Mysterious Set and then (manually) recite the chant "requo furtivum ixo." That will cause the door to open, allowing you to access the treasure room. Your mysterious items will disappear from your inventory when you recite the chant, and, inside the room, a goblin inventor will walk around for a second before disappearing as well (we have no idea what the inventor's purpose might be).

Inside the treasure room, you'll find three big chests (#10). Each one will drop a bunch of random loot, plus an Easter Egg item: Sarah's mug of frothing goodness, Borgrim Thul -- the demon's visage, and Eli's bucket.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Locked Door

3 - Locked Door

4 - Locked Door

5 - Chris Gorski

6 - Andres Mendez

7 - Brian Ficks

8 - Chris Taylor

9 - Locked Door

10 - Big Chests

  1. Passage.