Primary Quest: The Dryad Exile Colony

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When you talk to Taar at the end of the quest The Plague, she'll ask you to deliver your filled vial (Quest Item 9) to the Dryad Exile Colony in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle (#1).

There isn't a lot to this quest. You'll just have to fight your way to the colony. However, when you arrive there, you'll discover that the dryads have already transformed, and that they're now attacking an Azunite Scholar. You won't need to protect the scholar -- he can't be killed -- but you will need to kill the corrupted dryads. Once you've done that, the scholar will tell you a little bit about Valdis, Zaramoth, and Azunai, and he'll describe how Valdis has found the Sword of Zaramoth and now seeks to reconstruct the Shield of Azunai.

Completing the conversation with the Azunite Scholar will also complete the quest. The scholar will destroy the logs blocking the path to the east, allowing you to move further into the jungle, and he'll drop some items on the ground for you. You'll also receive a bonus skill point.

Note: If the Azunite Scholar doesn't realize that you've killed all of the plagued dryads, and just stands there healing himself, then you'll need to patch your game. See the downloads section for details.