Primary Quest: Prisoner of War

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You'll start out in Eirulan's prison (#1). To get things rolling, either click on your cell door, or click on the dryad guard just beyond it. Shortly, prison warden Celia will come up to you and ask you to transport a basket of sharpening stones (Quest Item 2) from weaponsmith Duma (#2) to the dryad outpost (#5). When you reach Duna, she'll tell you that her apprentice Telinu (#3) has the stones. Telinu will give you the stones, and she'll also ask you for a favor. If you agree, then you'll receive the secondary quest The Armorer's Apprentice. You won't be able to do this new quest until after you've completed your current quest (most of the lifts in Eirulan won't work for you while you're a prisoner).

Delivering the basket is straightforward. Just exit Eirulan through the northern lift (#4) and follow the path to the outpost. Dryad guard Jera will even meet you outside and lead the way. However, you don't have to follow Jera if you don't want to. The quest isn't timed, and so you can explore the area at your leisure, and perhaps run back to town and pick up a companion first if you think you'll need one.

When you reach the outpost, you'll find it overrun by Morden. Jera will rush in and get herself killed, and so it'll be up to you to defeat the invaders. Killing the Morden will net you a Morden gate key (Quest Item 3), which you can then use to free the captive dryads in the outpost. Freeing the captives will complete the quest.

At the end of the quest, Warden Celia will show up, but she'll still be suspicious of you, and so she'll give you another task to complete -- primary quest The Morden Towers. But she'll also give you the Eirulan Teleporter Activation Stone (Quest Item 4), which will allow you to use the teleporters in the area, and which will thus make your life much easier. Finally, Kirani (one of the captive dryads) will give you the dryad outpost gate key (Quest Item 5), which will allow you to go through the outpost's northern gate (#6) and make your way to the towers. She'll also give you some basic Dryad equipment.

1 - Prison

2 - Weaponsmith Duna

3 - Apprentice Telinu

4 - Northern Lift

5 - Dryad Outpost

6 - Outpost Gate