Primary Quest: Finala and the Broken Bridge

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This is another simple quest. All you'll need to do is convince Finala to fix the broken bridge in Aman'lu.

You'll find Finala north of Aman'lu in the Aman'lu Hills (#1). She won't exactly be happy to see you, and she'll claim it's more important for her to look for a way to put out the magical fires caused by Valdis' attack than to help you out by repairing the bridge.

To convince Finala to change her mind, apologize to her for joining up with Valdis (there are a couple of dialogue paths that lead to this). She'll forgive you, and she'll make you a deal: if you can put out the magical fires by fixing the Prism of the Elves, then she'll repair the bridge. To help you out in your task, Finala will give you the bridge activation crystal (Quest Item 41) and a diagram of the Elen'lu Prism of the Elves (Map 7).