Secondary Quest: Vix's Vengeance

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You'll receive this quest when you click on the locked door in the Lower Mines of Kaderak (#1), provided that you have Vix in your party.


Vix will ask you to look for and then destroy any soul shards that might be hiding behind the door. You'll find three such shards (#4). For each shard, you'll have to destroy it in about the same way that you destroyed the soul shard in the primary quest The Mines of Kaderak, Part Two. That is, you'll need to send a cart full of explosives (#3) crashing into the shard, blowing it up. The only difference is that in this case, you'll only need to pull two levers for each cart: one to rotate the track into the right position, and one to start the cart rolling.

You won't receive anything for completing the quest, but past the final shard you'll find a big chest (#5) that only Vix can open, and it will probably drop something nice.

1 - Locked Door

2 - Optional Cart

3 - Cart Full of Explosives

4 - Soul Shard

5 - Big Chest