Tywlis' Broken Staff
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Tywlis the Mage will give you this quest when you talk to her in her house (Aman'lu, #7).


Tywlis will inform you that her grandfather's staff doesn't seem to work any more, and that it's probably missing the headpiece, which used to cause the staff to glow "with the most beautiful swirl of colors." As a hint, Tywlis will refer to the headpiece as a "reagent."

If you've been doing any enchanting for your party, then you'll probably already have figured out what you'll need: a rainbow trinket. As with the quest Lumilla's Salve, the rainbow trinket isn't anything special -- you'll find it randomly from enemies and even on sale in reagent shops -- but there's one place where you're guaranteed to find it: in a cave in Snowbrook Valley (Snowbrook Valley, #2).

When you return with the trinket to Tywlis, she'll offer you some gold for your efforts. If you accept the gold, then she'll drop some piles of gold at your feet. If you refuse the gold, then she'll give you the unique ring gleamstone.