Secondary Quest: Finala's Contempt
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You'll trigger this quest when you click on the broken elevator in the Kithraya Caverns (Kithraya Caverns, #1), provided that you have Finala selected.


Finala will fix the elevator, and you'll find that it leads to a Hidden Morden Stronghold. At the back of the stronghold, you'll discover a big chest. When Finala opens it, she'll find some Morden battle plans (Quest Item 85) and a Morden map of Greilyn Jungle (Map 2), and you'll receive some new tasks in the quest: to burn down the four hidden Morden towers in the Greilyn Jungle.

The towers can be found in two spots. The first spot is beyond a wall in the Northern Greilyn Jungle (N/W Greilyn Jungle, #8). When Finala gets close enough to the wall, she'll discover a secret door that leads through it. Past the wall, you'll find three Morden towers, and destroying them will work exactly the same as it did in the primary quest The Morden Towers. That is, you'll need to attack a cage to break it, click on the broken cage to receive a cage fragment, wield the cage fragment, click on a campfire to light the cage fragment, and then click on the Morden tower to blow it up.

The final tower can be found behind a secret door located in some Abandoned Ruins in the Southern Greilyn Jungle (S/E Greilyn Jungle, #3). The secret door is located on the eastern wall of the ruins, and Finala will discover it when she's standing close enough to it.

After you've destroyed all four towers, you'll automatically gain a Morden elevator gear (Quest Item 6) and a map of the Morden city (Map 3), and you'll receive two new tasks in the quest: to destroy a Durvla hatchery, and to explore a Morden intelligence camp.

You'll find the Durvla hatchery on the eastern side of Darthrul (Darthrul, #11). The entrance is hidden by a secret door, and you'll have to bring Finala to the door to get it to open. Inside the hatchery, you'll have to fight a bunch of Morden and Durvla, including an elite level 33 Durvla, but in the back you'll find a locked gate flanked by a bomb. To open the gate, simply attack the bomb. In the room beyond, you'll discover a big chest. When Finala opens the chest, she'll find a Morden wrench (Quest Item 82).

Finally, you'll find the Morden intelligence camp in the Desert of Kaderak (The Desert of Kaderak, #3). Finala will have to fix another broken elevator so you can get inside, but the Morden wrench and the Morden elevator gear will get the job done. Inside the camp, you'll have to fight a bunch of Morden and Durvla, including an elite level 37 Ripper Champion, but at the back of the camp you'll discover a big chest. Only Finala will be able to open the chest, and when she does, you'll find a lot of random loot, and the quest will end.