Secondary Quest: Taar's Investigation

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You'll receive this quest from Arianne in Eirulan (Eirulan, #12), provided you have Taar in your party when you talk to her.


Arianne will tell you about a monster in the jungle, a beast with "teeth like blades" and "horrible eyes." If you agree to look for the monster, then Arianne will warn you that you'll need a special blade blessed by the Hak'u in order to defeat it.

That means the quest has two parts. In the first part you'll need to track down the Hak'u ceremonial blade. You can find the blade in the Hak'u Ritual Camp (#1) at the northern edge of the Northern Greilyn Jungle. You'll find the blade simply lying on the ground, but you'll probably have to battle through a bunch of Hak'u to get to it.

For the second part of the quest, you'll have to defeat the monster. You can find the monster, called a Garganturax, in the Dark, Bone-Filled Cave (#2) in the Southern Greilyn Jungle. The cave is directly south of Eirulan's southern gate.

The Garganturax is a level 11 elite creature with about 4,000 hit points. We're guessing that you're only supposed to be able to damage it using the Hak'u ceremonial blade, but spells and other weapons seem to work sometimes as well -- which is good because the Garganturax is pretty tough, and it'll take you a while to kill it, even with the extra damage.

If you have trouble with the Garganturax, then make sure that the fighter using the Hak'u ceremonial blade has the "brutal attack" power highlighted, and that you're activating the power as often as possible. Also, if you get badly damaged or run out of mana, then you can retreat to the mouth of the cave to heal. The Garganturax won't chase you that far, and so you can attack and retreat as necessary until the creature is dead.

At the end of the battle with the Garganturax, you'll automatically pick up the Garganturax head (Quest Item 10). When you deliver the head to Arianne, you'll hear a funny conversation between her and Taar, and then Arianne will reward you with a few random objects.