Primary Quest: The Morden Towers

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There are four Morden Towers (#1-4) that you'll need to destroy in the Northern Greilyn Jungle. Each one is about the same: you'll have to defeat some Morden at the towers, usually including an elite Morden, and then you'll have to blow up the tower.

At the first tower (#1), you'll meet a dryad prisoner named Nen who will tell you how to blow up the towers. Just destroy a nearby cage to create a cage fragment, then pick up and equip the fragment, then click on a campfire to light the fragment, and then finally click on the tower to light it on fire. The ammunition inside the tower will cause it to explode.

After destroying the four towers, return to Warden Celia in the Eirulan Prison. She'll grant you your freedom -- sort of. You won't be considered a prisoner any more, but you'll still have the ring of submission around your neck. To get that off, seek out Taar in the Great Hall (generally east of the Prison). Taar will remove the ring and give you your belongings back (the hero's ring and the hero's amulet, plus a few other random items), but in the process she'll discover that you have the plague, and that's where the quest will end.

1 - First Morden Tower

2 - Second Morden Tower

3 - Third Morden Tower

4 - Fourth Morden Tower