Secondary Quest: Lelani's Sorrow
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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Lelani in her house next to the Eirulan pet shop (Eirulan, #14).


Lelani will ask you to find a "curiosity" from the elven town of Aman'lu, and, as advance payment, she'll give you a child's doll. This quest, despite being labeled for level 3, will span all three Acts of the game, and it'll force you to make several trades, starting with the doll and ending with an Aman'lu orchid.

Here's the sequence you'll need to follow:
  1. Give the child's doll to Fenella in her house in the Terrace of the Falls in Eirulan (Eirulan, #6), and receive a flask of elven ale in return.
  2. Give the flask of elven ale to Soldier Balamar in the resistance outpost in the Azunite Desert (Azunite Desert, #1), and receive skath cat ribs in return.
  3. Give the skath cat ribs to Soldier Jordhan in an upstairs room at the Eirulan inn (Eirulan, #5), and receive a lucky statuette of Xeria in return.
  4. Give the lucky statuette of Xeria to Guard Kiernan in the Snowbrook Haven Dining Hall (Snowbrook Haven, #2) and receive a Morden head on a pike in return.
  5. Give the Morden head on a pike to Alar'Ithil at his home at the southern edge of Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #16), and receive a bottle of Elven water in return.
  6. Give the bottle of Elven water to Prospector Gareth in the Crumbling Ruins near the teleporter in the Northern Plain of Tears (The Northern Plain of Tears, #1), and receive a battered Agallan relic in return.
  7. Give the battered Agallan relic to Nalus on the northern wall of Kalrathia (Kalrathia, #12), and receive a bundle of harpy feathers in return.
  8. Give the bundle of harpy feathers to Ithir'renne the Fletcher in her home in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #5), and receive an Aman'lu orchid in return.
When you bring the Aman'lu orchid to Lelani, she'll be thankful for your efforts, and she'll drop several items for you to loot. Chances are, Lelani's reward will include at least two set or unique items.