Location: The Northern Plain of Tears

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1 - Elevator

The elevator leads to some Crumbling Ruins. Inside the ruins, you'll meet Prospector Gareth, who is involved in the secondary quest Lelani's Sorrow. Also, in the southern part of the ruins, you should notice a button. Pressing the button will reveal a secret room. Inside the secret room, you'll find a lectern with the greater chant of purity (Chant 56) on it.

2 - Tower

You can find a few containers to loot inside and at the top of the tower.

3 - Health Shrine

4 - Button

Pressing this button will turn Kalrathia's water supply back on. See the primary quest Restore Kalrathia's Water for details.

5 - Lever

When you pull the lever, a treasure chest will rise up out of the ground.

6 - Khartos' Rift Site

The rift site is involved in the Mythrilhorn secondary quest.

7 - Tower

Inside the tower, you'll find an elevator leading down to a Mysterious Vault. The vault is covered in the secondary quest The Lost Jewels of Soranith.

8 - A Magical Oasis

Inside the oasis, you'll find a locked door that can only be opened during Deru's Treasure Hunt, plus a lectern containing the chant of health (Chant 53).

  1. Northern gate of Kalrathia.
  2. Water Chapel tunnel. The tunnel connects the Northern Plain of Tears to the Water Chapel Courtyard.