Location: A Large Abandoned Shelter

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1 - Azunite Stone of Life

You'll find a pile of Azunite stones here, but you'll only need one of them for the activation room (#2).

2 - Activation Room

In this room, you'll find four columns requiring activation. To activate a column, simply click on it while holding the appropriate Azunite stone (#1, #5-7). If you don't know the Azunite symbols, don't worry. Nothing bad will happen if you click on the wrong column.

Once you've activated all four columns, the secret door to the east (#2a) will open.

3 - Golden Chalice

If the golden chalice has any purpose in the game, we have yet to find it. But when you pick it up, you'll open the secret door on the eastern wall, and also the one at #3a.

4 - Secret Doors

All four of these secret doors can be opened by pressing nearby buttons.

5 - Azunite Stone of Death

When you pick up one of these stones, the secret door on the eastern wall will open.

6 - Azunite Stone of Sight

7 - Azunite Stone of Blindness

When you pick up one of these stones, the secret door to the north (#7a) will open.

8 - Treasure Room

You'll have to fight an elite level 38 mythic Korven blightwalker when you enter the treasure room, but inside you'll find a big chest plus a pair of lecterns containing the greater chant of mage power (Chant 62) and the greater chant of ranger power (Chant 63).

  1. Elevator to the Eastern Plain of Tears.