Location: The Vai'kesh Forest

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1 - Gate

The gate start outs locked, and the Vai'kesh standing behind it won't have much to say to you. To open the gate, you'll have to circle around behind it (via Exit B) and open it from the southern side.

2 - Health Shrine

3 - Secret Door

You can open the door by pulling the lever just to the west.

4 - A Small Vai'kesh Prison

The prison is involved in the secondary quest A Family Heirloom, Part Two.

5 - A Small Vai'kesh Cave

This cave is involved in the secondary quest A Dark Ohm. In the back of the cave, you can find a lectern with the chant of fortification (Chant 38) on it.

6 - Onyx Fragment

You can use the onyx fragment in the secondary quest Viperclaw.

7 - Password Door

When you click on the door, a Vai'kesh will ask, "Who goes there?" You won't learn the answer to that question until you've picked up the secondary quest Evangeline's Folly.

8 - Tree Home

Inside the tree home, if you press the brick on the inside wall, a weapon barrel will rise up out of the ground.

  1. Path to the Southern Vai'lutra Forest.
  2. Entrance to the Vai'kesh Sanctuary.
  3. Path to Arinth's Ravine.