Location: An Ancient Azunite Shrine

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1 - Secret Door

Clicking on the bas relief next to the door will open it. In the secret room beyond, you'll find a lectern with the lesser chant of purity (Chant 19) on it.

2 - Treasure Room

The treasure room features one central chest, four chests along the walls, and four secret rooms. The secret rooms mostly contain urns and enemies, but one also has a lectern with a mysterious chant (Chant 20) on it. If you open the central chest, then all of the secret rooms will open, and you'll have to fight all of their defenders at once. To open the secret rooms individually, open the chests along the walls. One of the chests (the southeastern one) is actually a mimic, but otherwise opening a chest will open the secret room next to it.

Note: Mimics are tough, but there's an easy trick to killing them. Lightning spells travel through walls, but the mimic's ranged attack doesn't. So just place your combat mage behind a wall and let it solo the mimic.

3 - Sanctuary Door

You'll need a character with Ranged 13 to open the door.

4 - Lectern

On the lectern you'll find the lesser chant of melee awareness (Chant 18).

5 - Shrine Puzzle

When you place the four stelae from the Azunite Desert (The Azunite Desert, #5) into the four sockets here (#5a), then two objects will appear on the pedestal in the center of the room (#5): a silver mirror (Quest Item 21) and a map of the lost vault of the Azunites (Map 4). When you pick up the objects, the locked door to the west (#6) will open.

6 - Locked Door

This door will open after you've completed the puzzle at #5.

  1. Exit to the Azunite Desert.
  2. Elevator.
  3. Elevator.
  4. Elevator.
  5. Elevator.
  6. Exit to the Lost Valley of the Azunites.