Location: The Temple of Xeria

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1 - Stones and Sockets

The stones and sockets -- and the secret rooms that they uncover -- are a part of the secondary quest Secrets of Xeria's Temple. See that section for details.

2 - Azunite Statue

Once you've killed all of the plagued soldiers in the area, clicking on this statue (#2) will open the doors to the north (#2a).

3 - Secret Door

To open the secret door, click on the statue right next to it. Beyond the secret door, you'll find an elevator that will take you down to a small treasure room.

4 - Books

In these two spots, you'll find the books The Death of Xeria (Book 8) and The War of the Legions (Book 10).

5 - Sanctuary Door

This door requires a character with Nature Magic 17.

6 - Sanctuary Door

This door requires a character with Combat Magic 17.

7 - Statue and Secret Door

Clicking on the statue (#7) will open the secret door to the west (#7a).

8 - Spirit

9 - The Cavern of Earth

The cavern is involved in the secondary quest The Kalrathian Nexus.

  1. Exit to Windstone Fortress.
  2. Exit from the temple. This exit will lead directly to a major boss fight, so you should be prepared. After the boss fight, you'll find a teleporter that will take you to Aman'lu (and Act Two).