Secondary Quest: A Family Heirloom, Part Two

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You'll receive this quest from Athelas in the Aman'lu tavern (Aman'lu, #2), but only after you've completed the quest A Family Heirloom.


Athelas will tell you that you were tricked by Master Thestrin, and that Thestrin is working with the Vai'kesh to summon a powerful demon. He'll then ask you to stop Thestrin by destroying the demon, and he'll let you know that both can probably be found in a cave in the Vai'kesh Forest.

You'll find the cave at #1. When you go inside, if you gave the heirloom sword to Thestrin, then he'll immediately free the demon. Otherwise, if you kept the sword, then you'll need to break open the demon's cell yourself so that you can get inside. Either way, you'll have to fight the demon. The demon is a level 26 elite with nearly 7000 hit points, but it should be pretty easy to kill.

After the demon dies, a couple things will happen: the demon will drop a few good objects, Master Threstin will flee (never to be seen again), and Athelas will appear in the cave. When you talk to Athelas, he'll congratulate you on your success, and he'll drop a few more objects for you to loot. Then the quest will end.

1 - The Demon