Primary Quest: Leaving Greilyn Isle

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You'll receive this quest automatically after rescuing the Azunite Scholar from the plagued dryads at the Dryad Exile Colony in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle.

Like in the previous quest, there isn't much to do here. You'll just need to fight your way through the Kithraya Caverns on your way to the Eastern Greilyn Beach. On the beach, you'll quickly run into a strange red shard (#1), and you'll receive a quest objective to destroy it. The shard produces frail shard souls, so concentrate on the shard and then mop up any remaining souls after it has been shattered.

Beyond the shard, you'll meet up with the Azunite Scholar (#2) again. He'll describe to you what the plague is really about, and he'll encourage you to join up with the forces resisting Valdis. Then he'll activate the nearby teleporter.

When you go through the teleporter, you'll find yourself in the Azunite Desert, at an outpost of the resistance forces. Talking to Captain Suzor there will complete the quest.

1 - Shard

2 - Azunite Scholar