Primary Quest: The Vai'kesh and the Aegis of Death

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The first part of the quest is a pursuit. You'll have to chase the Vai'kesh Prophet as he makes his way through the Vai'kesh Forest and Arinth's Ravine. Every so often the prophet will stop and set up an ambush for you (#1), but eventually he'll stop and fight (#2). The prophet is a level 28 elite, and he'll have a bunch of Vai'kesh zealots with him, so make sure that you have your powers ready before you fight him. When the prophet dies, he'll drop some good (but random) loot, and the cave entrances behind him (#3) will open up.

To pick up the Aegis of Death (#5), you'll need to defeat a creature called the Knotted Shambler (#4). The Shambler is a big, antlered, plant-like monster with 25,000 hit points. It would be nasty enough to defeat all on its own, but it'll have help from a few leaf generators surrounding it. For the most part, the leaf generators will hide underground (they'll be invulnerable there), but from time to time they'll shoot up and release shambler hatchlings, which will run over to the Knotted Shambler and repair it. You can attack and kill the hatchlings (they only have 50 hit points), but it's much more effective to kill off the generators and prevent the hatchlings from spawning.

So here's what to do. At the start of the battle, run up to the Knotted Shambler and do some damage to it. That should wake up a leaf generator, which you'll then be able to attack for a few moments. Then just repeat that sequence until all of the leaf generators are dead. The Knotted Shambler is big and slow, so if you keep running around between the generators, it probably won't even get an attack off on you.

Note: Obviously, it's important to control which enemy your party is attacking, so you should use "mirror mode" for this battle.

Once it's just you and the Knotted Shambler, you'll need to be careful when you attack it. The Shambler has a nasty area-affect attack (it'll look like it's pounding on the ground) that it'll repeat 2-3 times in succession. If your party gets hit by all of the attacks, then you'll probably lose your spellcasters and rangers, and so it's important to try and get your party to run away and then only attack the Shambler again when the coast is clear. But regardless, provided the leaf generators are dead, the Shambler won't regenerate, and so as long as you can keep one character alive, you should be able to whittle away its health and defeat it.

After you've killed the Knotted Shambler and picked up the Aegis of Death (Quest Item 57), the Azunite Scholar (#6) will make another appearance. He'll ask you to re-forge Azunai's Shield and rescue Princess Evangeline, and then, after the conversation, you'll be allowed to go through the portal leading to the Garden of the Ancients (#7).

1 - Ambushes

2 - Vai'kesh Prophet

3 - Cave Entrances

4 - Knotted Shambler

5 - Aegis of Death

6 - Azunite Scholar

7 - Portal