Secondary Quest: Arinth the Mad

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This is essentially part two of the secondary quest Arinth's Legendary Staff. To trigger the quest, you'll need to have one character wield Arinth's staff and then attack the enchanted pillar outside of Arinth's cell. Arinth's cell can be found in the Lost Elven Ruins (#1) in the Lost Valley of the Azunites.

Note: The button that controls the elevator leading to the ruins can be found on the wall just to the north of it.


When you strike the enchanted pillar with Arinth's staff, the pillar will disappear and Arinth will go free. You can find him in the Temple of Istaura and Isteru (#2) in the Northern Vai'lutra Forest. When you approach Arinth, he'll demand his staff from you, and he'll attack.

Arinth is a level 25 elite with 14,000 hit points, but he should be pretty easy to kill. When he dies, he'll drop some random loot for you to collect (including Arinth's robe), and you'll be awarded 2 bonus skill points. That will complete the quest, but if you return to Eolanda the Combat Mage in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #10), she'll give you some random loot as well.