Primary Quest: Secret of the Azunite Desert

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Captain Suzor (#1) will give you this quest when you talk to her at the end of the quest Leaving Greilyn Isle. She'll ask you to collect four stelae from the skath in the area (#2), and then use them to enter an Azunite Shrine (#3) and pick up the map found inside.

So there isn't anything complicated to do here. Each stela guardian is an elite, and each one will have some minions assisting it, but none of them should be difficult to kill, especially if you've been working on quests like Feldwyr the Blacksmith or A Family Heirloom. Between them, the guardians will drop the Stela of Sight, the Stela of Blindness, the Stela of Life, and the Stela of Death.

Note: You'll have to talk to the first stela guardian, but no matter what you say, you'll end up fighting it for the stela.

With stelae in hand, travel down to the bottom of the Azunite Shrine, and place the stelae into the four sockets found there (An Ancient Azunite Shrine, #5). Once you've done that, a silver mirror (Quest Item 21) and a map of the lost vault of the Azunites (Map 4) will appear. Picking them up will end the quest.