Secondary Quest: Mark of the Assassin

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You'll trigger this quest when you pick up a liantir stone (Quest Item 29) from one of the houses in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #13).


After picking up the stone, an assassin will come up to you and knock you down, and then an elf named Danadel will explain what happened. It seems that the assassins of Aranna have this weird system where their target must pick up an enchanted stone to become "marked," and because you picked up the liantir stone, you're now the assassin's target. Danadel will suggest that you talk to Enchantress Valeria in Kalrathia about the matter, but you won't be able to do that until Act Three.

You'll find Valeria in the Kalrathia magic shop (Kalrathia, #2). Valeria will tell you that there isn't any way to remove the assassin's mark, and that your only recourse is to kill the assassin before he can kill you. To complicate matters, you'll learn that the assassin is a Spiderwatcher, which means he can make himself invisible. Luckily, Valeria will inform you that she can create an enchantment that will allow you to see the assassin, but that the enchantment can only be placed on a special ring.

You'll find the ring -- a dwarven mythril ring (Quest Item 91) -- in a secret room (#3) in the Upper Mines of Kaderak. The secret door to the room (#2) can be opened by pulling the nearby lever.

When you return with the ring to Valeria, she'll enchant it for you, and then she'll drop the dwarven mythril ring of sight. You'll need to pick up the ring and wear it, and then visit the assassin's intended target, Merchant Kendril, who is staying at the Kalrathia inn (Kalrathia, #4).

When you talk to Kendril, Luun the Assassin will show up, and, despite being visible and outnumbered, he'll charge in to attack. Luun is a level 38 elite, but he's sort of wimpy considering the build-up he received, and you should have an easy time defeating him. When he dies, Luun will drop the twin blades Giethaa and Citaa, and then when you talk to Kendril again, he'll give you a very minor reward.

1 - Mine Entrance

2 - Secret Door

3 - Big Chest