Secondary Quest: The Hak'u
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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Morain in the Northern Greilyn Jungle (N/W Greilyn Jungle, #10) and agree to help her find her niece Tanzi, who was kidnapped by the Hak'u.


Tanzi can be found in the Hak'u Caves. There are three entrances to the caves, but the one in the Western Greilyn Jungle (N/W Greilyn Jungle, Exit C) is the one that you'll need to use.

When you approach Tanzi, she'll be rescued by a Hak'u named Hrawn. Then another Hak'u will appear, and the two of them will briefly jab at each other about traitors and usurpers, and then they'll disappear. With the Hak'u gone, Tanzi will take the opportunity to flee the cave.

You'll find Tanzi, Mordain, and Hesla (Tanzi's mother) in the Eirulan infirmary (Eirulan, #10). (Note: You'll need to complete The Morden Towers quest before you can get to the infirmary.) When you talk to Hesla, she'll thank you for your help, and she'll drop some items for your reward.

Hesla will then go on to ask you to wipe out the Hak'u, but this is actually a part of The Hak'u, Part Two.