Tai Yong Medical Penthouse
Tai Yong Medical Penthouse

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You'll confront CEO of Tai Yong Medical, Zhao Yun Ru, in her penthouse at the top of the Upper Tower. Predictably, things won't go exactly as planned, and you'll need to escape shortly after via the nearby helipad. Before heading to Zhao's front door, you'll want to search her penthouse for both background information and some items.

1 - Couch

Search underneath the couch here to find a Pocket Secretary containing the code to Zhao's personal safe, "0117".

2 - Desk

Plunder the drawers of this desk to find a Hypostim, as well as some Stun Gun Darts and Tranquilizer Darts.

3 - Vent

This vent will take you to and from the upper level of the penthouse.

4 - Couch

Keep an eye out for a Revolver underneath the couch here.

5 - Table

Check this tabletop for an eBook on global politics, and a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar inside one of the glasses.

6 - Zhao's Desk

Search inside the desk drawer for some Revolver Ammo, and then turn your attention to the level 3 computer on the desktop for some background on van Bruggen's involvement with Zhao, and an unsent message by her, apparently expressing some desperation with regards to a "council".

7 - Zhao's Safe

Zhao's personal safe is locked tight with a level 5 keypad, but you'll be able to either hack it or use the code "0117" to get through its defenses. Inside, you'll find a Credit Chip, Heat Targeting System, and a Pocket Secretary containing a note from a "BP".

8 - Zhao Yun Ru

When you're ready to confront Zhao, open this door. You'll view a cutscene in which Zhao hints at Picus' involvement, and she insists that she is just hired help for a group that apparently have far wider influence than she does. Her "damsel in distress" routine will be enough to temporarily throw Adam off, however, and she'll hit an alarm panel and seal herself inside a panic room. Well, that could have gone better.

What you'll need to do from here is head to the helipad and escape. As the cutscene ends (+750 XP), about twelve Belltower troops will flood into the penthouse. You can either take them head-on or, if you're not feeling like a direct confrontation, use the vent at (3) to slip past them (made easier if you are able to provide a diversion for the guards, or can cloak your way the remaining distance). A Gas Grenade or Frag Grenade will also do a great job of clearing a good number of them out, if you have any to spare. Whatever route you choose, you'll need to head straight north to the hangar elevator at (9) and make your escape.

9 - Hangar Elevator

You'll receive +2500 XP for getting to the hangar elevator. Malik will radio in and let you know she's coming to pick you up. You'll need to get the doors open for her, though.

10 - Lockers

Check the lockers here for a box of Heavy Rifle Ammo, if you need it.

11 - Hangar

Emerging into the hangar, you'll find two Boxguard robots on patrol to make your life miserable. In order to get the hangar doors open, you'll first need to dispose of these two. You can either take the easy route and use a few EMP Grenades, or some other heavy ordinance like the Rocket Launcher or Typhoon, though they are less susceptible to this approach. A third option is to sneak by to the hangar security room marked at (13), where you'll be able to hack into a security terminal and shut down the 'bots remotely, provided you have the right hacking upgrades. Sneaking is most easily done via the stairs to the northwest, but you might also try your luck jumping up the scaffolding (19) on the opposite side of the hangar - it's a bit less quiet and discreet, however.

12 - Hangar Control Room

Check the desk drawer for an EMP Grenade, useful if you still need to take out the Boxguards. The computer lists the itineary of "Madame Zhao". Once the Boxguards have been dealt with, you'll be able to press the button in this room to open the hangar doors and let Malik inside - doing so will provide you with +2500 XP, plus any bonuses you might have attained.

13 - Security Control Room

In this control room, you'll find a Scholar eBook, "Brain Implants", for +200 XP, but more importantly, a level 2 security hub that allows you to shut off the 'bots remotely. Shutting them down this way won't give you any XP (destroying them directly earns you +250 XP each), but the "Ghost" bonus you'll likely get out of it makes up for that deficiency.

14 - Under Helipad

Crawing underneath the helipad will give you an effective way to avoid the Boxguards, and on top of that, you'll find both a CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack and some Heavy Rifle Ammo underneath inside a couple of cardboard boxes.

15 - Generator & Crates

You'll find a Rocket Launcher and some Rockets near this generator on the far side of the hangar, if you want to take the direct approach in dealing with the Boxguards.

16 - Shelf

Check the shelf just behind the stairs here for some Heavy Rifle Ammo if you're into the run-and-gun gameplay.

17 - Lockers & Shelf

You'll find some heavy equipment back here: a Frag Grenade, Typhoon Ammo, a pack of Rockets, and Heavy Rifle Ammo.

18 - Shelf

More Heavy Rifle Ammo awaits you on the shelf in the southeast corner of the hangar bay.

19 - Scaffolding

The scaffolding here will provide you a way up to the security control room at (13). However, you'll likely need to stack up the crates and use your Jump Enhancement to do so, which might render it more dangerous than taking the long way around.

20 - Malik

Once you've opened the hangar bay doors from (12), Malik will arrive in her VTOL to take you away from Tai Yong. While she wants to bring you back to Detroit, Adam will interject and instead suggest heading to Montreal. Leaving Tai Yong will provide you +750 XP, and you'll shortly resume the game in Montreal, from the Picus Communications building.

S - Security Cameras