Hengsha Court Gardens
Hengsha Court Gardens

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The Hengsha Court Gardens are one of the few decent places of living in Lower Hengsha, mostly home to those with lower-level Tai Yong Medical jobs. You'll hunt down the hacker, "windmill", to this location, only to discover Belltower's gotten here first. You'll have to fight or sneak your way past a large number of Belltower guards to reach your objective.

1 - Courtyard

The courtyard area is guarded by about six Belltower goons, armed with varying weaponry. If you go the action hero route, pay attention to the Belltower forces up on the rooftops around the courtyard, as a stray bullet might well finish you off if you're not careful.

2 - Vent

The vent in the corner here can be reached by climbing the boxes. It'll take you into the apartment at (3).

3 - Apartment

Break in through the level 1 lock or enter via the vent at (2). You'll find a Credit Chip on a drawer just inside the door, and a copy of William Taggart's famous book "No Better" in the bedroom. The computer, meanwhile, has some complaints about the Belltower guards who have taken over protection of the Court Gardens. Before you leave, check the bedroom closet for a level 1 safe to hack - you'll find a Machine Pistol inside.

4 - Apartment

Open the level 1 keypad to get in. You'll find a Credit Chip and eBook in the bedroom, and, in the closet, a level 1 safe with another Credit Chip. That's, er, quite the collection this tenant has. The computer has another couple of messages related to life in Hengsha Court Gardens.

5 - Apartment

Another apartment with a level 1 lock, same old story. Get through the door with whatever means you wish, then check the kitchen for a Scholar eBook "Understanding Vision (Part 1)" for +200 XP, the nightstand for some Stop! Worm Software, and the closet safe for a Credit Chip. The computer has the usual assortment of personal e-mails on it.

6 - Apartment

Same drill as the others, level 1 lock. Inside you'll find some Revolver Ammo in the bathtub, an eBook about Hugh Darrow in the entry hall, and, in the closet, a level 1 safe with a Credit Chip inside. The computer has more complaints about Belltower's presence.

7 - Elevator

This elevator will take you to the upper suites of the Hengsha Court Gardens.

8 - Vent

If you can move the vending machine, you'll find this vent takes you right to "windmill's" penthouse itself (10).

9 - Belltower Guards

You'll find two Belltower soldiers here. Ambush them while they're chatting to avoid a messy confrontation. The storage room just to their left contains a can of Beer.

10 - Penthouse

The penthouse proper is guarded by three Belltower goons in total, and thankfully, they're all rather preoccupied, so you shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with them. When they're down, search one bedroom for a 10mm Pistol, Stop! Worm Software and some Painkillers, and the closet in the second bedroom for a Beer (plus the vent leading from (8)). Although you can use the Toy Doll near the kitchen to open a secret door on the wall, you can also simply hop through the gaping hole in the wall.

Turn your attention to the computer room and you'll find two Stop! Worm Software and one Nuke Virus Software, plus "windmill's" computer. Defeat its surprisingly paltry level 1 security, then read the e-mails to find out his name is Arie van Bruggen, and has been in contact with a "hive-master"... related to The Hive nightclub at all? Malik radios and tells you just as much, so take your well-earned +2500 XP and head over to the Kuaigan District to hunt down The Hive's management.

11 - Jaya's Apartment

This disused apartment has little but some 10mm Pistol Ammo for you to collect.

If you're doing the Bar Tab quest, you'll find Jaya here after triangulating her signal. Speak with her (+100 XP) to learn that, while she indeed isn't paying up, it's because Tong and his men are extorting her for a share of her monthly profits. You've got a number of options in dealing with Jaya, though there are only two real outcomes with Bobby:
  • Kill her or knock her out, and take her money and Jaya's Memory Chip from her. This will allow you to keep her money, but will piss off Bobby Bao.
  • Kill her, but only take her money. This will piss off Bobby Bao.
  • Knock her out, but only take her money. Bobby will be happy at your performance.
  • Persuade her using your CASIE augment ("appease") to give up the payment for the month. Bobby Bao will be pleased at this outcome.
  • Persuade her using your CASIE augment ("appease") to give up her augmentation chip. Bobby Bao will be unhappy with this result.
  • Offer to settle her debt for her. In this case, you can simply head back to The Hive.
All options will provide +750 XP, except if you decide to speak to Bobby on Jaya's behalf, in which case you get nothing for now. When you've decided what you want to do, return to Bobby Bao at The Hive.

12 - Vent

This vent comes in from the rooftops outside Hengsha Court Gardens. Follow it inside the elevator shaft for a +200 XP bonus, then climb all the way down to the bottom to find a Praxis Kit. Yippe!

A - Exit to Hengsha Youzhao District

B - Exit to Hengsha Youzhao District (Roof)