Sarif Industries (Final Visit)
Sarif Industries (Final Visit)

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Sarif Industries again, at last. This will actually be your final visit to the building, so you'll want to do any last exploration before leaving once again. As you arrive, Malik will let you know Pritchard isn't around, but that you'll want to check in with David Sarif in the meantime. Most of it remains unchanged from the last time you've visited, so unless you've missed out on looting everything, you won't need to explore too much.

1 - Helipad Storage Area

The helipad storage area is yours for the plundering. It's still shut with a level 5 keypad, and the code, "8053" is the same as always - though it's possible it's been left open if you've been there earlier. Check inside for Tranquilizer Darts, Stun Gun Darts, Sniper Rifle Ammo, Combat Rifle Ammo, two cylinders of Revolver Ammo, Typhoon Ammo, and a Burst Round System upgrade.

2 - Cafeteria

You'll find a large number of Sarif employees in the cafeteria here, as they're trapped inside due to the rioting. You can listen in on their conversation if you like, but you won't find anyone to talk to directly.

3 - Lobby

A whole bunch of security guards are fortified around the area in the vent the rioters break through the police. This is also the only time you'll be able to access Cindy Martinez' computer at the front desk, but you won't find many interesting things to read on it.

4 - Tech Kab

As you've been told, Pritchard isn't in right now. You'll have the opportunity to hack his level 5 computer, or use the password "nuclearsnke" to get in. Check out his e-mails for a large number of employee passwords and a look into his attempts at writing, if you didn't already check it out earlier.

5 - Jensen's Office

Adam's level 3 computer has the same old password, "mandrake". Read up on the e-mails if you wish, including a few messages from Sarif employees who believe the break-ins and thefts in their offices have been caused by their co-workers... heh-heh.

6 - Elevator

As usual, the elevator here will take you to and from the penthouse.

7 - Penthouse

As you enter, you'll view a cutscene in which David Sarif and Hugh Darrow are meeting with one another, though you won't really be privy to the details of that meeting. Instead he'll talk to you about his global warming project Panchaea briefly, before David comes in and escorts you out. It seems Pritchard has already been working on tracking the GPLs, and has found Sevchenko's in Hengsha. What are the odds... you'll need to meet up with Malik at the helipad and fly back there to track Sevchenko down. When the cutscene's finished, you'll receive +250 XP.

8 - Athene's Desk

For the first time, Athene isn't at her desk, giving you access to her computer. You can either hack past its level 3 firewall or use the password "gsspgirl" to get in. Of most importance, you'll find an e-mail from Sarif discussing an "L. DeBeers" who has been apparently pressuring him. Fans of the first Deus Ex will likely draw the connection.

9 - Athene Margoulis

Athene, David's secretary, will be outside the cafeteria on your way back to the helipad. You can choose to have a brief conversation with her if you wish to get a bit more background on Hugh Darrow.

10 - Malik

Malik will be waiting outside her VTOL for you. Speak with her when you're ready to leave for Hengsha. Note that if you've got anything left to do at Sarif Industries, now's the time, because you won't be coming back. From here, it's time to return to Hengsha.