Panchaea Control Tower
Panchaea Control Tower

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Panachaea's Control Tower is the massive structure you saw outside on the helipad. It's actually not quite as big as it looks, but it's still important, as you'll need to shut down the security lockdown from it, and meet with Hugh Darrow to boot.

1 - Lockers

Painkillers, Stun Gun Darts and a PEPS Energy Pack await you in these lockers.

2 - Cafeteria

The cafeteria is mostly deserted, but you'll find a CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar on the floor for the taking.

3 - Vent

Search in this vent to find a Pocket Secretary, containing an unfinished message by the unfortunate woman inside.

4 - Storage Room & Vent

This storage room is mostly empty, but if you move the fridge in the back, you'll find a vent, which provides a +200 XP bonus and takes you to the office at (5).

5 - Barricaded Office

This office can only be accessed via the vent at (4), and is occupied by an insane worker, who will attack on sight. You can try sneaking around him, but it's probably a better idea to put him out of his misery. When he's down, search the room for two Plasma Capsules and a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar (on the shelves), plus a PEPS and some Grenade Launcher Ammo (DLC only) on the nearby desk. The computer contains a couple of e-mails giving some background on the disaster.

6 - eBook

Check the stack of boxes here for an eBook, "Iron Oceans".

7 - Washroom

Search the men's room here for some Stop! Worm Software on the floor of one of the stalls.

8 - Storage Room

You won't find much in this storage room save for a Credit Chip on one of the shelves.

9 - Dorm

Getting into this door requires you hack the level 4 keypad. You'll gain +200 XP for breaking inside, and a nice reward in the form of two Hypostims and a Nuke Virus Software. The computer contains the password for a security computer back on the main level, "lstforver". Last, move the box in the corner of the room to find a vent taking you to a sealed storage room nearby.

10 - Storage Room

This storage room is only accessible via the vent at (9). Getting in will net you +200 XP, and you'll find a Cooling System, Heavy Rifle, Combat Rifle and Combat Rifle Ammo within.

11 - Stairway

These stairs will take you to and from the command center up top.

12 - Storage Room

Another storage room locked up with a level 4 keypad. Hack your way in and search the shelves for two Plasma Capsules, and, in the ammo case, two Gas Grenades, Shotgun Cartridges and some Combat Rifle Ammo. Last, the security hub will allow you to reprogram the Turret and Security Camera in the next hall.

13 - Hallway

This hallway, guarded by a Security Camera and Turret, will initially be silent, but when you return from the command center at (14), they may be back online. If you want to avoid trouble, you'll be able to either jump through the window down to the lower level, or hack the security computer at (12) to render the defenses inert.

14 - Command Center & Hugh Darrow

Jump through the broken window to get into the command center. Shortly after, a cutscene will begin, and you'll meet Hugh Darrow in the flesh once more. Upon questioning, he'll reveal the reason for his plan - that the augmentation technology he created has become a tool of destruction, and, under the influence of the Illuminati, would be used to shape humans into creatures that could be limited and exploited against their will. He feels that his actions will instead see augmentation rejected by the world, and thus keep mankind free from yet another corrupting influence.

After the cutscene (+500 XP), you'll enter into your final social battle of the game. Hugh Darrow is strong in his convictions and cannot be persuaded easily, though there are a number of ways you can persuade him to give you the codes to the Hyron Project, Panchaea's supercomputer. You'll be able to take a few different directions and persuade him of his errors - namely, either critique his actions and expose their genocidal nature, or call him out on his feeling of inadequacy over being left behind by the next generation of humanity. Basic appeals to empathy and emotion, however, won't get you anywhere, so try to avoid the "appease" line of questioning for the most part. Additionally, your Social Enhancer will allow you to influence him using pheremones - he responds to the "pressure" option.

If you're successful, Darrow will throw you a Pocket Secretary with the code "2012" on it, allowing you to shut down some of the Hydron Project's security systems, as well as +1000 XP and an achievement, The Final Countdown. If you fail in your persuasion (+100 XP), Darrow won't give you the code, but you can still use it regardless. At this point, you can choose to kill Hugh Darrow if you want without any repercussions, though unfortunately his body doesn't contain the codes on it.

After you're finished with him, the lockdown will be released... which will have the inadvertent effect of opening up all the security bulkheads and turning the defenses back online. Your way back to the main floor and deeper into Panchaea will be significantly tougher this time around, as you'll also need to deal with the augmented workers who have been released by the lockdown - you'll have to get through over a dozen before reaching the elevator. Though they aren't individually very strong and only attack in melee, their numbers make them a legitimate threat. In any case, make your way back to the elevator at (A) and take it back down to the main level.

A - Elevator to Panchaea Port of Entry

S - Security Cameras

T - Turrets