Sarif Industries (6M Later)
Sarif Industries (6M Later)

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When you walk through the door into the Sarif Industries lobby, you'll receive an Infolink transmission from David Sarif, who welcomes you back and tells you to proceed to the helipad (7) as quickly as possible. Before you go, however, your retinal enhancement will begin acting up, and you'll need to see Pritchard at the Tech Lab (5) to get it recalibrated.

You can take your time exploring Sarif Industries, but don't dally too long - if you take more than a few minutes, you'll receive orders from Sarif to meet up with him ASAP. If you continue to ignore that order, then the hostages in the upcoming mission will be executed, and you'll lose out on the secondary objective to rescue them, as well as the consequences of doing so.

1 - Front Desk

The secretary at Sarif Industries, Cindy Martinez, sits at the front desk. You can speak to her and receive directions to Jensen's Office, Pritchard's Office, David Sarif's Office, and the Helipad. The displays in the area around the front desk also have information stands, which you can activate for a little bit more background on Sarif Industries.

2 - Memorial

Here you'll find a memorial to the attack on Sarif that nearly took Jensen's life. There isn't much here, but there's a couple of Sarif employees who chat back and forth with each other if you want to listen in.

3 - Sarif Employee

Behind the stairs and just outside the washrooms, you'll find a Sarif Employee questioning your competence after so short a recovery after your augmentation surgery. You can speak to him and either set the record straight with him, or confront him more directly, though there's no consequence to your attitude with him.

4 - Women's Washrooms

Entering the women's washrooms will get you scolded by Pritchard, so you may want to not do so if you want to avoid a reputation as an office pervert.

5 - Tech Lab

Speak to Pritchard here and he'll set your broken retinal implant straight. During the conversation he'll question your competence, and you'll have the choice to either ignore him, or give him a little bit of attitude back. If you've stuck your head into one of the women's washrooms (4) earlier, he'll also scold you on it at the end of the conversation.

Before you leave, check the desk behind Pritchard for one of the Scholar eBooks, "The Nature of Neuroplasticity". There are 29 of these special eBooks in the game, each of which grants +200 XP; finding all of them will grant you the "Doctorate" achievement.

With that out of the way, it's time to get going to the helipad (6). You'll find it out the back door of the second floor, and through the cafeteria. You can take your time to explore Sarif Industries, but if you take too long (David Sarif will warn you), then the hostages in the next mission will be executed, and you'll lose out on the secondary objective to save them. Don't worry, you'll return here after the mission to explore at your leisure.

6 - Jensen's Office

Inside Jensen's Office, you'll find two computers, Adam's personal system and the security computer. The security computer doesn't have much in the way of use (you can view and enable/disable the cameras), but the personal computer has some e-mail messages for you to read up on. The password to the personal computer is contained in a Pocket Secretary on the desk: "mandrake", which will also work on your home computer when you eventually return to your apartment later in the game.

7 - Helipad

You'll find Faridah Malik, your pilot, waiting for you. During the conversation she'll ask you if you think you're ready for the mission - either play nice or confront her over it. Once you're done, you'll be given the final choice to continue - don't worry about leaving things behind, as you'll come back to Sarif Industries after the next mission.

With all things in order, tell Malik you're ready to go and climb into the VTOL with David Sarif, and begin your flight to the Sarif Plant.