Detroit City Streets South (Return)
Detroit City Streets South (Return)

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The rioting in front of Sarif Industries means that both it and the east end of the area are cut off from you. However, anything not directly within the barrier should still be available to you. You'll find one of your goals, the Detroit Convention Center, at the extreme west end of the street, past the LIMB Clinic.

Note that Detroit is largely unchanged since you've last visited. Although old side-quests and soem buildings aren't available, you'll be able to visit the majority of places and search around for loot you missed the first time around.

1 - Blockade

Massive walls have been set up by the police forces in order to keep rioters contained. While you can peek and take a look inside, you won't be able to reach Sarif Industries or that corner of Detroit for now.

2 - Rioters

You'll find some arrested rioters sitting in a fenced-in area here. They won't cause you trouble, but if you jump inside the fence, the police will give you a warning to leave before opening fire.

3 - Grayson

Assuming you didn't kill him earlier, Grayson will be here to sell you some of his usual black market goods, despite the rioting. His selection is as follows:
4 - LIMB Clinic & Pritchard

As you near the LIMB Clinic, Pritchard will contact you via InfoLink. Turns out that Sandoval isn't at the Convention Center, so you're going to have to get the information on where he's located out of Taggart himself - or perhaps his personal files. Pritchard will also resume the side-quest Acquaintances Forgotten, if you convinced Sarif to reveal why he created the backdoor into his own network. Pritchard's done more digging, and he's found the name of the investigator who looked into Adam for Sarif, Brent Radford. He's got an apartment in Detroit, so if you're interested in getting to the bottom of this, you'll want to meet with Radford in the Apartments before continuing too far. Don't worry, Taggart will wait for you.

As a side note, while the LIMB Clinic doesn't have any new quests for you, its stocks have resupplied during your absence - head inside to pick up a couple of Praxis Kits and anything else you may need before moving on.

5 - Officer Nicholas

After returning from the Convention Center and finding out Sandoval's location, an old acquaintance of Adam's, Officer Nicholas, will be waiting here. Nicholas has come into some information revealing that Jacob White, a radical and dangerous criminal, is on the loose and may stage an attack using some stolen weaponry. Once you accept the quest, Nicky will have a mild breakdown and you'll need to talk some sense into him - you can use your CASIE if you want ("pressure" option), which will get him to think a bit more clearly and will narrow down your search targets to the police station alleyway and sewers. Otherwise, you'll also have the option to check out the subway station. While you can choose to check out all the locations, you'll always find Jacob White in the sewers, close to the Police Station, so head over there to deal with the renegade.

Once Jacob's been taken care of, return to Nicky and you'll receive +1000 XP, plus the Smash the State achievement. Note that you don't actually have to disarm Jacob's bomb to turn the quest in - it'll give you some extra XP for completing the secondary objective, but it's not required. In addition to the +1000 XP, you'll receive 1000 Credits, and if you knocked out Jacob white rather than killing him, you'll also get a Silencer on top of it.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets North (Return)

B - Exit to Detroit Back Alley (Return)

C - Exit to Detroit LIMB Clinic

D - Exit to Detroit Convention Center