Sarif Industries (Prologue)
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1 - Megan's Office

You'll start the game in the office of Megan Reed, your girlfriend and one of the top scientists at Sarif Industries. There are several interactive objects in the office that give some background information on the game: an eBook on the couch to the left side of the room, a newspaper on Megan's desk, a small picture frame on Megan's desk, a toy car on a desk at the right side of the room, a book called "Being More Effective" on the larger right-hand desk, and Megan's computer, with four e-mails on it. Inspecting all of these will unlock the "Old School Gamer" achievement.

When you're finished in Megan's office, talk to her and you'll end up going on a lengthy and scripted walk through Sarif Industries.

2 - David's Office

When you regain control in David Sarif's office, with an alarm going off, head to the elevator from the right of your position, and enter the code "0451" into the control panel. Ride the elevator down and you'll find yourself in the depths of Sarif Industries again, this time with your Combat Rifle in hand.

Note that during this tutorial section, you won't have any heads-up display, map or other information available. You'll also be limited to using your Combat Rifle, and won't be able to pick up enemy weapons or ammo. Fortunately, you yourself have unlimited ammunition. It is very possible to die in the opening section of the game, so don't assume you're invincible here!

3 - Hallway

Step out of the elevator and you'll be given the option to watch a tutorial on navigation and movement. Watch it if you like, then turn left down the hallway and follow it forward. Continue until you reach a nearly-closed door, and duck underneath it (watching the optional tutorial if you wish). Proceed down the hall and down the two sets of stars, and you'll soon find a couple of scientists being attacked by a large man with a chaingun, but as the glass is bulletproof, he'll leave you behind.

After you've viewed the sequence, turn left into the burning office, and you'll receive a tutorial on moving objects. Pick up one of the crates stacked up against the wall to reveal a ventilation cover - open the cover and climb inside the vent to continue.

4 - Ruined Office

Open the second vent cover and hop down into another ruined office. You'll notice you're on the other side of the bulletproof glass, but the man you saw before is nowhere to be found. Head past the lounge and into the next hallway, and you'll receive a tutorial on combat, which will come in handy pretty soon. When you're finished, make your way forward past the crates and forklifts, and you'll spot a door in the wall to your left. You might want to save your game here, as you're about to encounter your first enemy resistance!

5 - Lab & Enemy Encounter

As you enter into the lab, two Spec-Ops Soldiers will enter into the room from the upper door. You have two options here - try to use the cover available to you and take them out with your Combat Rifle, or carefully wait and sneak past them up the stairs, using cover and crouching down, timing your movements to avoid detection. Either option is valid, though if you want to try to finish the game without any casualties for the Pacifist achievement, then you'll want to avoid killing anyone here.

When you reach the top of the stairs, open the door and move on down the next corridor.

5 - Corridor & Lab 2

Past the lab, you'll find your path blocked by some immovable crates on the floor. Jump over them and proceed. You'll come across a second lab, this one already populated by three Spec-Ops Soldiers. Two of them will stand and speak to each other as you enter, so either take the opportunity to shoot them while they're distracted, or crouch down and sneak off to the left or right sides of the room. The third patrolling guard should be easy to avoid if you use cover.

When you've stealthed or shot your way through, open the door at the end of the lab to continue.

6 - Hallway & Augmented Agent

As you proceed forward past some robotic equipment, you'll spot a Sarif employee get gunned down at the end of the hallway. When you round the bend and crouch under the security door, a female agent will finish gunning down two Sarif security officers and disappear before your eyes. Continue forward to the door, and another scientist will meet his maker at the woman's hands. She'll disappear again, but the scientist will get the door open for you as he collapses.

In the lab ahead, four Spec-Ops Soldiers will smash their way through the door. The small size of this lab and the number of enemies means that your sneaking or combat skills will be put to the test, but the same tactics apply - use cover and get to the door at the end of the room, lethally or non-lethally.

7 - Ambush

As you head down the next hallway, a cutscene will begin and you'll be attacked by a second augmented agent... you'll see Adam horribly injured and Megan knocked unconscious. Enjoy the introductory movie that follows, and you'll continue the story back at Sarif Industries, six months later.