Panchaea Hyron Core
Panchaea Hyron Core

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This is the final act. The Hyron Core is Panchaea's supercomputer as well as its defense system, and its broadcast center for the transmission affecting augmented people lies just beyond. Perhaps now you'll finally uncover the last of Hugh Darrow's secrets.

1 - Corpses

Just before reaching the front door, you'll stumble upon several bodies. Search them as well as the floor to find a Heavy Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Rifle Ammo, a CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack, and some Plasma Capsules. You're going to need them.

2 - Hyron Core

When you enter the Hyron Core, you'll watch a cutscene in which the true nature of the Hyron Project is revealed - a massive supercomputer, powered by the neural networks of human drones. Considering the condition of the human drones, it's no wonder that Hugh Darrow was appalled at what he had created. Before Adam can spend too much time considering the implications, however, Zhao will appear, dressed in one of the drone suits, and attempt to interface with Hyron directly, effectively turning herself into a human-AI hybrid. Her augmentation set isn't compatible with Darrow's technology, however, so her control is sporadic at best. However, this activates Hyron's defenses, forcing Adam to run for cover.

Hyron is a lengthy and fairly difficult boss battle encompassing multiple stages. Although it's "only" protected by three rotating Turrets, during the fight, Sentry Bots and augmented workers will be summoned in. The goal, as hinted at by some e-mails you may have previously read, is to purge the three drones in order to drop the security screen protecting Zhao, then take her out to shut down Hyron.

Initially, the three Turrets will be the biggest threat - they can be destroyed, but you won't be able to hack into them in any way. There are three ways to tackle this stage of the fight. The first involves hacking the three security terminals around the room, each of which are level 4 - this will allow you to open the drone pods. The second way to open them is to simply run up to Hyron, braving the Turret fire, and press the manual override button next to each drone pod. Either way, you'll have to kill each of the girls inside to proceed. The third option involves using the code Hugh Darrow gave you if you successfully persuaded him back in the Control Tower, "2012", on the dedicated terminal on Hyron itself. Doing so will drop all life support for the drones, and allow you to move on.

With the drones and Turrets shut down, the second phase begins. This one is mostly an endurance test, as the security doors around the room will open and expose both Sentry Bots and insane soldiers for you to deal with. While you can spend your grenades, ammo and so on without much concern here, you can also avoid firing any shots yourself, as periodically, a massive electric discharge will run through the floor, damaging and/or killing everything on it, and dealing heavy damage to Adam (or none, with the EMP Shielding augment). The radius of the electricity will gradually increase each time, until it encompasses the entire chamber. You'll need to keep alive for a sufficient duration, after which Zhao's security shield will shatter. Note that the security rooms that open up contain equipment, including healing items and ammo, should you need a resupply during the fight.

Note: there is one final way to defeat Hyron, though it's more of an exploit than anything. Rather than go through the lengthy boss fight, if you have the Laser Rifle, you can use it to penetrate Zhao's protective shielding, killing her only seconds after the fight has started. Although this is the fastest method of winning, it's probably best used only if you've already completed the game before.

After sixteen rounds of electric discharge, the glass protecting Zhao will be destroyed, giving you access to her. Simply shoot her with whatever weapons you may have, and Zhao will die, rather painfully, taking Hyron with her (+1000 XP). There's only one thing left to do... shut down the transmission from the Broadcast Center.

3 - Dedicated Terminal

This terminal will shut down the three drone pods simultaneously. The code, received from Hugh Darrow in the Control Tower earlier, is "2012", which will work wether you persuaded him to give it up or not.

4 - Weak Walls

There are weak walls running underneath the stairs here, allowing you to cross the room under cover, rather than exposed.

5 - Broadcast Center

You'll be greeted by a familiar face upon entering the room... Eliza? She has been following your progress for quite some time, she says, and explains that the message created by Hugh Darrow as a confession to the world about Panchaea, Sarif, and the Illuminati can be modified by her in order to give the world a different impression of the events. This in turn will determine which of the four endings you get.
  1. Send Hugh Darrow's message - this will in all likelihood lead to a ban on augmentation research in the future, in light of the evils the technology is capable of. It is implied that Adam ends up rejecting his own augmentations in order to regain his humanity.
  2. Send William Taggart's message - this message will lead to stricter regulation of augmentations around the world, slowing research and limiting it to certain individuals, but still keeping development intact, without the negative social consequences. Additionally, it's implied Adam will be offered a chair in the Illuminati to help shape their direction into the future.
  3. Send David Sarif's message - this message will put the blame behind events on Humanity Front, thus ensuring William Taggart and those underneath him are dealt with harshly by the world and augmentation research is free to continue unhindered, towards a brighter future.
  4. Destroy Panchaea - while this option will kill Adam Jensen and everyone on board Panchaea, nobody will be able to tell the world of the events - it will have to come to its own answers. If you wish to end the manipulation, you'll want to walk down the corridor on the side of the room and use the pressure regulation switch at the end.
With your choice made, you'll watch an ending cinematic influenced by your decision, and you'll receive any relevant achievements for completing the game, such as Trooper or Legend. Before switching the game off, however, you'll want to sit through the credits to view one final cutscene... which not only bridges the gap between Human Revolution and Deus Ex, but will make you think quite a bit differently about some characters in the story. Congratulations on completing the game!

6 - Self-Destruct Button

This switch will trigger the final, un-altered outcome, as described above.