Lower Hengsha Youzhao District (Return)
Lower Hengsha Youzhao District (Return)

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The Youzhao District hasn't changed much since you were previously here, though you might notice more Harvester gang members crawling around; they've even set up a bit of a fortification in one of the back alleys. You'll perform and receive a couple of side-quests during your visit here, as well as hunt down Sevchenko's GPL signal.

As you enter the Youzhao District, Hugh Darrow will contact you about a task he wants you to perform. He won't tell you anything about it, but he'll give you the coordinates of a contact of his, Mengyao. This will begin the A Matter of Discretion side-quest. You'll find her on the rooftops above the Youzhao District (1).

1 - Mengyao

You'll find Mengyao waiting for you here on the rooftop (+100 XP). Take whatever tone you like with her, and she'll inform you that you need to recover a data chip on Panchaea from some terrorists, who have been fooled into thinking they'll be making an exchange. However, the terrorists must be knocked out, but not killed - Darrow wants them properly tried and interrogated, so keep that in mind. If you accept, you'll begin the Corporate Warfare quest - search for the terrorists in the Diagong District, in the sewer canal.

Return to Mengyao when you've got the Data Chip, and you'll receive +1000 XP. At this point, you'll be able to either hand the Data Chip over, no questions asked, or you can inquire as to the information on it. Mengyao won't reveal anything at first, but if you have your Social Enhancer upgrade, you can use the "charm" option to get her to explain that the Data Chip contains information on the Hyron Project, Panchaea's advanced computer system, which monitors the oceanic pressure and temperature; successfully persuading her will grant you the Ladies Man achievement.

Whether you get the info out of her or not, you'll receive +1000 Credits for your help, and the Corporate Warfare achievement. Shortly after, Hugh Darrow will contact you via Infolink to thank you, with the conversation varying based on whether you persuaded Mengyao to reveal Hyron.

2 - Peng Xin Hao

Turns out the arms dealer back at the Alice Garden Pods survived the Belltower attack after all, and he's set up shop in this storage locker. He has a rather extensive inventory:

3 - Butcher's Shop

You'll want to check out this butcher's shop during the Talion A.D. quest. Head down into the basement through the back door (+100 XP), and you won't find Zelazny... but you will find a dead soldier (+100 XP). Grab the Pocket Secretary from the corpse (+100 XP) and read it, to learn that Zelazny has gone into hiding with his men in the sewers. This is one of the few quests that won't update to tell you exactly where Zelazny's gone, but fortunately, he's always in the same place: the sewers under the Daigong District. Before leaving to chase Zelazny down, hack the level 1 safe for a couple of Credit Chips.

4 - Harvesters

The Harvesters appear to have fortified one of the back streets of the Youzhao District - and inconveniently, it's precisely where you need to go to find Sevchenko's GPL signal. You'll be able to either kill them all or sneak past them and enter the door to the Harvesters' Hideout at (D), use a hidden entrance in the sewers below (C), or, alternately, head in through a vent on the roof at (E). The seven-odd Harvesters are fairly heavily armed, and possess cloaking technology, so you may want to consider a subtler route if you're not ready for such odds.

A - Exit to Kuaigan and Daigong Districts (Return)

B - Exit to Hengsha Court Gardens

C - Exit to Youzhao District Sewers (Return)

D - Exit to Harvesters' Hideout (Front Door)

E - Exit to Harvesters' Hideout (Rooftop Vent)