Lower Hengsha Youzhao District
Lower Hengsha Youzhao

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The Youzhao District is a good deal smaller than the Kuaigan and Daigong Districts, though it contains an extensive rooftop network and the Hengsha Court Gardens, a large apartment complex. The area is crawling with Harvesters, gang members who scavenge augmentations off of both the living and dead... while you'll likely run into little trouble with them directly, start causing problems and they won't be very happy about it.

Your primary objective is to find the hacker who attacked Sarif in the Hengsha Court Gardens. Following the signs, it shouldn't be difficult to find.

1 - Storage Locker

This level 2 code-locked door hides a ton of explosive barrels, as well as a Credit Chip and some Combat Rifle Ammo in the ammo case. The Harvesters nearby won't take kindly to you hacking in, however.

2 - Shop

Ransack the back room for +100 XP and a Credit Chip, then turn your attention to the level 1 safe behind the counter to find another Credit Chip inside.

3 - Shop

Break into the back room for another Credit Chip on the shelf, and +100 XP.

4 - Ladders

The ladders running up and down the scaffolding here provide an alternate means of ascent and descent to and from the rooftops.

5 - Storage Locker

Hack the level 2 keypad in the alley, and you'll have an Ammo Capacity Upgrade and Credit Chip in honor of your triumph.

6 - Apartments Entrance

This door leads to a small apartment building, with three floors; the exit on the top floor leads to the roof.

7 - Ladders

More ladders, leading up to the rooftop and back. You can also hop across the ledges etc. above the sidewalks, here, but they don't seem to go anywhere in particular.

8 - Weak Walls

Smash or blast your way through the weak wall here for some Stun Gun Darts and a +100 XP bonus.

9 - Fence

Stack up the crates here to hop over the fence for a +100 XP bonus, and an Ammo Capacity Upgrade. Score!

10 - Apartment

Hack past the level 1 keypad to loot this abandoned apartment: you'll find a couple of Credit Chips, one behind the bed and another in the kitchen, some Sniper Rifle Ammo in the level 1 safe, and the Scholar eBook "Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces", which grants +200 XP.

11 - Lee's Apartment

This apartment will only be accessible during the Shanghai Justice side-quest. Hack the level 3 keypad to get inside (+300 XP), then head to the bathroom at the back of the apartment to find that Lee isn't here (+100 XP). Instead, it's time to do some sleuthing, in order to uncover any dirt about Lee that could prove he murdered Evelyn.

There are four pieces of evidence you need to find:
  • The Antique Clock on top of the dresser, in the bedroom (probable murder weapon).
  • The Baseball Bat near the front door, lying in the corner (recently washed).
  • The Computer, whose e-mails reveal that Lee's parents were ashamed of him, and their financial ties to Belltower and LIMB (motive & cover-up).
  • The Answering Machine, which will inform you that Lee is hanging out at The Hive tonight.
When you've found all four, you'll receive +750 XP. Head on over to The Hive to confront Lee.

12 - Ladder

The ladder behind this billboard will give you discreet access to the Hengsha Court Gardens, from the rooftop.

13 - Locked Door

This level 1 locked door will give you access to Hengsha Court Gardens.

14 - Belltower Guards

A couple of Belltower guards are set up here on the rooftops around the Hengsha Court Gardens. Sneak past or deal with them as you see fit.

15 - Shop

You'll find a Credit Chip in the back room of this shop, although you won't get the usual XP bonus for sticking your head in for whatever reason.

16 - Ladders

The ladders here will lead you up a path, eventually taking you to the rooftops near the Hengsha Court Gardens, close to the Belltower guards at (14).

17 - Shop

Sneak behind the counter to find a Credit Chip on the lower shelf.

18 - Belltower Blockade

As you head down the street, you'll encounter a woman who's being denied access to her home by a Belltower officer. Could Belltower be after the same thing you are? Only one way to find out.

There are a number of ways to infiltrate the Hengsha Court Gardens - you can go in guns blazing, take the way in through the rooftops at (14), break in through the door at (13), or use the vent just down the street at (20) to slip past them.

19 - Storage Locker

Hack the level 1 keypad to find a PEPS, PEPS Energy Pack, and Credit Chip inside the storage locker.

20 - Vent

The vent at the end of the street here provides an alternate means of dealing with the Belltower guards. Climbing inside will take you into the Hengsha Court Gardens.

21 - Apartment

Get through this level 1 keypad-locked door to find a Nuke Virus Software and a Credit Chip. The computer has some personal correspondence on it, and the eBook "The Next Three Decades" will give you a dazzling look into the future.

22 - Apartment

Search around for a Credit Chip and some Machine Pistol Ammo. The Scholar eBook "The Science and Theory Behind Cochlear Implants" on the desk will give you +200 XP.

23 - Apartment

On the third floor (level 1 lock), you'll find some Revolver Ammo in the bathroom, a Credit Chip in the kitchen, and a copy of "Dazzle Me Magazine" on the table of the "living room".

24 - Apartment

Get through the level 1 keypad to find a Credit Chip in the Kitchen and some Tranquilizer Darts in the bedroom. You can also catch up on the wolrd with the eBook "Global Politics Review", and the computer contains some personal messages.

25 - Diamond Chan's Apartment

If you're doing the Rotten Business quest, you'll find Diamond Chan in here. You have two options in dealing with him: knock him out with a takedown (+100 XP) and then drag his body off the roof (+100 XP), or knock him out and plant the drugs on his table (+100 XP, +100 XP). You can also choose to just shoot him if you like (+300 XP), and you'll still be able to complete the quest.

26 - Shop

Break into the back of this store for +100 XP and a Credit Chip.

27 - Storage Locker

Another storage locker here, with a level 2 lock. The code, "6830", is found on a Pocket Secretary on the counter of a nearby store. Inside, you'll find some background on the hacker "Windmill" within the computer's e-mails... seems he was familiar with Pritchard, or at least his alias. The safe contains a Revolver and two packs of Revolver Ammo, and on the way out you'll spot some Combat Rifle Ammo on the nearby recycling bin.

28 - Chuanli

You'll find Chuanli here during the Rotten Business quest. Speaking to him will earn you +100 XP. He knows where Ning is being held, but won't tell you. You have a few options: bribe him for 2000 Credits, or use your CASIE aug and pick the "appease" option to convince him to give you what he knows. As he himself states, he doesn't have the information with her on him, so you'll need to either persuade him or pay up to get the info. Doing so will earn you two XP bonuses, one worth +300 XP and another worth +750 XP.

A - Exit to Kuaigan and Daigong Districts

B - Exit to Hengsha Court Gardens

C - Exit to Youzhao District Sewers

T - Transmitter Arrays (for Bar Tab quest, +300 XP each)