Sarif Plant Admin Building
Sarif Plant Admin Building

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The Admin Building is your final lead-up to the confrontation with Zeke Sanders, leader of the Purity First terrorists who have taken over. During this section of the mission, you'll have to engage in either some tense firefights or very careful sneaking to make it to the end in one piece.

1 - Skyway

After stepping out of the elevator from the Server Room, you'll spot a glass skyway ahead. Head across it and you'll see that Sarif has told the SWAT that they can move in, now that you've recovered the Typhoon and all. Watch the firefight between the officers and Purity First if you wish, then move on and climb up the stairs, grabbing the Machine Pistol from one of the couches along the way.

2 - Admin Offices

At the top of the lengthy climb, you'll find yourself staring down a hallway at two thugs. They'll chat a bit, then split up. Your goal from here is to continue down to the lower level of the Admin Offices(5), and then head up the south staircase to the top floor. How you do that in here is up to you.

3 - Meeting Room 01

The meeting room is abandoned, thankfully, but is also relatively empty. You'll find an eBook and newspaper on the table, a Pocket Secretary containing the password for one of the nearby office computers, and a small desk has some Beer on top of it. That said, you get a nice view of the room below if you want to take everyone out from a distance.

4 - Meeting Room 02

Meeting Room 02 is mostly empty save for some Revolver Ammo on a table, but it's got another secret: a vent in the corner, which leads down to the washrooms at (6). Spelunking through the vent will net you +100 XP.

5 - Admin Offices Lower Level

Three guards patrol and try in vain to access the contents of the computers on this level, making for a decent distraction for you to exploit. Deal with them in whatever way you wish. This room is a treasure trove of e-mails and information - you will need to hack some of the systems to read it all, but the guards also carry a few Pocket Secretaries that contain a few of the login credentials, and another one sits on the lip of a planter box. All told, it's ten computer terminals to hack into, so if you're into some light reading, go ahead.

When you're finished, head to the stairs at (8) and proceed up to the office at (9).

6 - Washrooms

The washrooms here are mostly empty, with some Stun Gun Darts at the entrance. However, the men's side has a vent leading to/from Meeting Room 02 on the upper level, providing a sly means of escape or entry if you need it.

7 - Meeting Room 03

Another meeting room, another day. Like the others, this one is mostly deserted, but you'll spot a couple boxes of Tranquilizer Darts on one of the desks.

8 - Stairs

This staircase goes up to the office at (9), and your confrontation with Zeke Sanders.

9 - Office

This area is pretty dishevelled, expectedly. There isn't much to grab, but you can find one of the Scholar eBooks, "Artificial Muscles", on the desk, for a +200 XP bonus. Before heading into the next room, you might want to save your game, as you'll find Zeke Sanders up ahead.

10 - Zeke Sanders

As you enter, Zeke Sanders will grab Josie Thorpe and hold her close as a hostage, threatening to kill her if you try to stop him. The game will enter into your first of many persuasion dialogue sequences, in which you'll need to try to convince a character to see things your way. With Zeke, you have a number of options, with different outcomes:
  • Fight him. This has two outcomes: Zeke is killed, or Zeke is knocked out. If the former happens, you'll later find his body in the Police Station Morgue. If the latter happens, he's arrested and shows up alive and well in the Police Station's Holding Cells area. Josie Thorpe can be killed during the fight, so you'll need to be quick in taking Zeke out.
  • Let Zeke go. If you pick this option, he'll leave through the door, but the police will interrupt him and he'll shoot Josie off-screen, but manage to get away all the same.
  • Try to reason with Zeke. If you pick this option, you'll need to try to persuade him to let Josie go. Zeke responds well to the "reason" and "empathy" options you're given, but there's no sure-fire way to handle him, as his responses will be semi-random and you'll need to adapt to his behaviour and emotions to persuade him. If you're successful, Zeke will escape and leave Josie behind, and if you fail, he'll leave, shoot her, and escape from the scene.
There are a few consequences of your approach here. If Josie dies (no XP bonus), Greg Thorpe, her husband, will chew you out; if she lives (+750 XP), Greg will invite you to his apartment in Detroit and grant you a discount at a nearby arms dealer. Meanwhile, if you convince Zeke to let Josie go (+750 XP, +1000 XP "Silver Tongue" bonus), he'll leave and show up later on to give you some access codes for the Highland Park mission; if Zeke escapes, you'll get no such help. Furthermore, if Zeke lives (and isn't arrested), he'll show up much, much later in the game to attack you; if this happens, you'll receive an extra Praxis Kit during the encounter.

Either way, once it's all over, the police will arrive and either congratulate or scold you based on your handling of the situation. Grab the Credit Chip and Pocket Secretary from Zeke if he was killed or incapacitated, then snatch the Pocket Secretary from a nearby counter and use it to access Josie's computer. When you're done, proceed out of the office and onto the helipad at (11).

11 - Greg Thorpe

Depending on whether or not Josie lived, Greg will be either grateful or livid. If you saved her, he'll tell you he'll make it up to you somehow. When you return to Sarif Industries, you'll find an e-mail from Thorpe with more details on it.

12 - Helipad

You'll find Malik waiting for you here. Her dialogue response will change a bit depending on how you handled the hostages and Zeke. When you're ready to go, strap yourself in and fly your way back to Sarif Industries for a debriefing.