Detroit Back Alley
Detroit Back Alley

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The Detroit Back Alleys can be found most readily by walking behind the gas station back in Detroit City Streets South, and are where most of the apartment buildings are found. You'll have a number of objectives to complete in those apartments, so you'll likely get used to them during your stay in Detroit.

1 - Credit Chip

You'll find a Credit Chip underneath the dumpster here. Crouch down and grab it, or lift the dumpster of you have the necessary augmentations.

2 - Stash

Hop the fence here to find a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar and a Credit Chip stashed away, along with a +100 XP bonus.

3 - Basketball Court

You'll find a basketball court in the middle of the alley, complete with a basketball nearby. If you manage to throw the basketball into the hoop, you'll get the Balls achievement; alternately, you can stack up some boxes and barrels and drop the ball through the hoop from the top.

4 - Storage Locker

This high-security storage locker (level 5) has an added level of protection: a laser tripwire system that will release deadly gas if you activate it. How to get around it? There's a shutdown panel for the laser system on the right-hand wall. Step into the storage locker, carefully, and move the box and barrels such that you don't trip the system. You can then use the codes obtained from Letitia, "1904" (door) and "6542" (laser system), or simply hack your way through. If you have the Rebreather augmentation, you can also simply ignore the lasers, as the gas released won't cause you any harm. Finally, if you're fast and have the Move/Throw Heavy Objects augmentation, you might be able to run inside, move the large crate immediately in front of you, and turn the gas valve before you die... but this is by far the most difficult of the options. Once the security is dealt with, you can claim your prize: two Tranquilizer Darts, two Sniper Rifle Ammo packs, three Combat Rifles, and two Combat Rifle Ammo packs.

5 - Pee-G & Bee-K

These two gangsters won't bother you until you come back during the Lesser Evils quest. If you've agreed to take them out for Tindall, either knock them out or kill them. Be aware that this will turn the nearby thugs hostile, so you'll need to sneak your way back to Tindall (7), or shoot your way out.

6 - Passage

Move the barrels against the chain-link fence to find a passageway connecting the North and South City Streets areas. You'll receive a +100 XP bonus for finding the hidden passage.

7 - Brian Tindall

Once you've visited Brian Tindall's apartment for the Lesser Evils quest, you'll find him waiting here behind the gas station (+100 XP when you speak to him). It seems that Tindall isn't stealing Neuropozyne for profit: he's giving it away to people who suffer from addiction to the drug and can't afford it. Moreover, he's under threat by some rival drug dealers, Pee-G and Bee-K, who he wants you to deal with for him in exchange for the security footage.

There's a few ways you can deal with Tindall: attack him him and grab the Data Storage Device containing the security footage from his body (this will cause the nearby thugs to attack), speak to him and intimidate him into giving you the security footage, use the CASIE augmentation to convince him to turn it over and deal with the rival dealers himself ("appease" choice), or take care of Pee-G and Bee-K over at (5) for him. Either way, when you've got the security footage (+100 XP), you'll want to head to the Detroit City Streets South and meet with Carella outside the subway station.

8 - Jenny Alexander

Jenny will only show up here if you decided to handle O'Malley yourself during the Cloak & Daggers quest. Once you've dealt with him inside the West Apartments, speak to Jenny. Depending on your decision, Jenny will resond differently, but regardless of what you chose, you'll receive +1000 XP for completing the quest, and the Cloak & Daggers achievement.

A - Exit to Detroit City Streets South

B - Exit to Detroit City Streets North

D - Exit to West Apartments

E - Exit to East Apartments (Fire Escape)

F - Exit to West Apartments (Fire Escape)

G - Exit to North Apartments (Fire Escape)

H - Exit to South Apartments