Lower Hengsha Sewers (Return)
Lower Hengsha Sewers (Return)

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Though the sewers in Hengsha don't have much worth exploring for if you already cleared them out last time you visited, you'll find a couple of quests taking place in them. Specifically, you'll want to travel to the Daigong Sewers for the Talion A.D. quest, and the sewers under Youzhao provide a way into the Harvester's Hideout later on.

1 - Michael Zelazny & Soldiers

Finding the rogue Belltower agent Zelazny will earn you +300 XP. Speak to him to learn that his goals in executing public officials aren't malicious - in fact, the people he is hunting are corrupt men who were using the talents of Zelazny and his men for highly questionable things, with their implanted neural hubs wiping their memories after. You can either get straight to the fighting, hear him out, or simply ask him to turn himself in. Attempting to reason with Zelazny too many times without hearing his story will turn him hostile, and your CASIE augmentation will be useless in persuading Zelazny. Your only option is to either let him off the hook, or take him and his men down (non-lethally or lethally).

Fighting him and his men is quite challenging, especially as you start surrounded by them, but a couple of double-takedowns, a Gas Grenade, etc. will take them all out very quickly. Alternately, you can simply avoid speaking with him and take him and his men out from a distance - a single Gas Grenade will disable all of them instantly. When they're down, you'll get +750 XP, plus whatever XP you earned from fighting them, though they don't have much in the way of equipment to loot. Alternately, letting them go will give you a similar +750 XP bonus, and once you leave the sewers, Zelazny will contact you and let you know he's reorganised some Belltower patrols to give you more breathing room on the streets. In any case, return to the LIMB Clinic to explain the outcome to the doctor there.

2 - Harvesters

There are six Harvesters in the sewers underneath the Youzhao District upon your return to Hengsha. They are hostile and will attack on sight. If you're trying to sneak into the Harvesters' Hideout at (E), you'll want to duck into the muck underneath the sewer floor and crawl around, then make use of your cloaking system, as otherwise it's difficult to get past anyone without taking them down.

A - Exit to Hengsha Kuiagan District (Return)

B - Exit to
Hung Hua Hotel

C - Exit to
Daigong District (Return)

D - Exit to
Youzhao District (Return)

E - Exit to
Harvesters' Hideout

F - Exit to
Old Noodle Factory (DLC only)