Highland Park Factory
Highland Park Factory

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Highland Park is a large factory in Detroit's industrial district, and where the hacker who broke into Sarif's networks was traced to. However, not all is as it seems, as you'll soon find out as you attempt to hunt the hacker down.

A quick note: if you have Zeke Sanders' passwords, you'll find almost no terminal or keypad you can't get beyond. In particular, the password "neuralhub" works for all the security terminals, and every keypad seems to use the code "7984". If you want to avoid hacking or don't have the skill to do so, these codes will be your best friend during this mission.

1 - MCB Members

These Motor City Bangers are friendly, and will provide you with some information and equipment. It seems that the government used to use the factory for themselves, but it was recently taken over by a group of special forces soldiers, who once again are giving it back to the feds. Once Jensen's done talking street, ask about equipment if you need it. The gangers will sell you the following:
2 - Chairs

Check one of the chairs here for a Credit Chip before heading into the factory yard ahead.

3 - Shipping Container

Climb into the back of this shipping container for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar and some Combat Rifle Ammo.

4 - Shipping Container

This second shipping container has some Combat Rifle Ammo and an Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only) hidden in the back.

5 - Scaffolding

If you have the Jump Enhancement, you'll be able to reach the top of this scaffolding (hop on the nearby shipping containers, then fall from the fire escape above) and grab two packs of Revolver Ammo.

6 - Shelf

Search behind the paint buckets on the shelf for a Credit Chip.

7 - Cutscene

As you ascend the stairs towards the factory yard, a cutscene will play, revealing the mercenaries who attacked Sarif Industries six months ago. They'll mention something about a "Dutchman" who needs to be eliminated, then walk off. For your progress, you'll gain +1000 XP. Time to move into the yard ahead and deal with the soldiers, grabbing the Credit Chip from the crate on the way.

8 - Factory Yard

The front of the factory is guarded by six Spec-Ops Soldiers, the same ones who raided Sarif earlier. Though they are heavily armed with Combat Rifles and Shotguns, so you'll need to be more careful with them than the DRB thugs you fought earlier. Two of them will start out talking in front of the door you enter from, then split up.

If you want to reach the factory undetected, the fastest route is to sneak along the left-hand side. The northwest entrance through the door leads inside the building, while the northest one bypasses the building and lets you sneak into the factory floor directly. Alternately, the ladder route near the fence at (15) lets you reach the second floor with ease.

9 - Truck Trailer & Crate

Check the back of this truck trailer for some Stun Gun Darts and a Stun Gun to go with it. The open crate next to it also has some Combat Rifle Ammo inside.

10 - Scaffolding

Jump or climb to the top of this scaffolding for a +100 XP bonus. You'll find a Credit Chip, Typhoon Ammo and an Automatic Unlocking Device (DLC only) on the top level, and some Combat Rifle Ammo below. The lower route (blocked by a heavy crate) also provides some cover for stealthy players.

11 - Crate

Search on top of the crate here for some Combat Rifle Ammo and a Concussion Grenade.

12 - Portable

Infiltrate this portable via the window or door for a Credit Chip, Combat Rifle Ammo (lower shelf), CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar (top shelf) and a Pocket Secretary.

13 - Damaged Machinery

The maze of machinery here is damaged, with electricity coursing through the water on the ground. Climb on top using a nearby crate or your Jump Enhancement, then find the breaker switch on the eastern side. Shut it down to claim a Credit Chip and some Painkillers left behind by a worker.

14 - Crate

This crate near the forklift has some Combat Rifle Ammo and Revolver Ammo sitting on top of it.

15 - Fence

This locked fence can be opened with a level 3 hack. You'll find a Shotgun, Frag Grenade and Shotgun Cartridges on the stack of pallets, and a ladder leading to the second floor of the factory.

16 - Security Office

Check out the bookshelf in this room for a Credit Chip and Nuke Virus Software, another nearby shelf for some Tranquilizer Darts, and the desk for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar, then hack into the level 3 computer or use the password "neuralhub" (Zeke Sanders will have given you the password back in the Detroit City Streets South if you negotiated Josie Thorpe's release back at the Sarif Plant), which will let you disable the Security Cameras in the area.

Outside, you'll catch a glimpse of the factory floor. Take note of the patrolling guards and snipers on the upper level. Stealthy players will likely want to sneak around the right or left sides where there's more cover, while the second floor, accessed from the stairs at (18), provides a good vantage point for sharpshooters.

17 - Vent

The vent here provides a covert approach out to the factory floor, near (19). Be sure to grab the Credit Chip from the crate nearby as you go in.

18 - Crate

Snag some Combat Rifle Ammo from the crate on your way up the stairs, if you need it.

19 - Barrels

More Combat Rifle Ammo awaits you on top of the barrels here. Beware of the Spec-Ops Soldier patrolling the area.

20 - Laser Grid

This laser system will set off the alarm if you cross it. Disable it using one of the nearby keypads, security level 2, or the code "7984".

21 - Crates

A whole stack of crates blocks the way, but you should be able to work your way through. There's an eBook on IPC procedures on a nearby crate, and some Sniper Rifle Ammo and Revolver Ammo on another.

22 - Makeshift Offices

Search the tables here for a couple packs of Revolver Ammo, and a Credit Chip to feed your purchasing habits.

23 - Portable

The portable here can be entered through the front door, as well as a window - the ladder on the side leads up to the catwalks above. Inside you'll find a sleeping guard to knock out, a Credit Chip, Ammo Capacity Upgrade, and a Pocket Secretary with a login, "NTLSEC59", for the nearby computer, which can also be hacked (level 2) if you're feeling up to it. The e-mails on the computer reveal that Jack O'Malley, the crooked cop from earlier, may have been working with the government agents set up in this facility, and there's a correspondence from a name you might recognise as well.

24 - Storage Room & Vent

The storage room off to the side of the factory floor holds some Sniper Rifle Ammo and Revolver Ammo if you need it, as well as a vent that heads both to the elevator at (A), and the upper level (26). You'll get +100 XP for discovering it.

25 - Crate

Check the crate near the windows for a Credit Chip and a PEPS Energy Pack.

26 - Vent

The vent here leads to the elevator (A), and down to the storage room at (24). You'll get +100 XP for poking your head in.

27 - Malik

When you're finished at Highland Park, Malik will extract you from the same place you arrived. Note that you won't be able to return, so finish up everything you need to before leaving. When you go, +1000 XP will be yours, and you'll find yourself back at Sarif Industries.

A - Elevator to FEMA Detention Center (+2500 XP)

B - Return Elevator (inaccessible until end of mission)