Sarif Plant Server Room
Sarif Plant Server Room

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The Server Room is a relatively small location, where you'll encounter your first Turret, as well as your main objective at the Sarif Plant, the Typhoon.

1 - Hallway

Upon coming out of the elvator, you'll spot an overturned box on the ground, with a glowing yellow object inside. As the tutorial message explains, this handy object is a Praxis Kit, used to speed up your augmentation development and effectively giving you an additional Praxis Point to spend on your upgrades. You can either spend that Praxis Point now, or use it a bit later when you've accumulated a few more. When you're finished gaping in awe at the shiny thing, continue down the hall.

2 - Guarded Corridor

Be careful stepping out into this next area, as there's a Security Camera and, more importantly, a Turret, an automated gun platform that's capable of firing highly lethal doses of lead, at the end of the west hall. You have a few options in dealing with it. For starters, you can run past and head to the security room at (3), and use the security computer there to disable the Security Camera and Turret, provided you upgrade your Hacking: Capture software to allow it. You can also use the vent at (4) and sneak all the way around behind the Turret, which is the best way to go about it if you want to avoid setting off alarms.

3 - Security Room

In this office, you'll find a security computer that will allow you to disable the Turret and Security Camera guarding your path to the Server Room. You can either hack into the computer (level 1 security), or search a nearby crate for a Pocket Secretary containing the password, "windmill". Beyond that, you'll also find a Nuke Virus Software and Stop! Worm Software lying around the room (they look like blue and red data disks). Last, search under the cardboard boxes to find your first Scholar eBook, which will give you +200 XP - finding all 29 in the game will unlock the Doctorate achievement.

4 - Vent

The ventilation duct here will give you a clear path of entry to the Server Room, bypassing the Turret entirely. You'll receive a +100 XP bonus for crawling through the vent.

5 - Server Room Door

Before heading inside, search the crates near the Turret to find some Stun Gun Darts and a Credit Chip. More ammo and money never hurt anyone. Note that, if you haven't yet rescued the hostages back in the Assembly Labs, now is your last chance; if you continue into the Server Room, the hostages will be killed and you'll fail the objective.

6 - Server Room

When you enter the Server Room, you'll be treated to a cutscene, in which the hacker responsible for getting behind Sarif's security protocols ends up covering his tracks - with a 10mm bullet to his own head. Despite being a "pro-human purist", he's also quite clearly augmented, so it seems that the attack on Sarif runs deeper than just a terrorist demonstration. At least you've got the Typhoon back. When the cutscene's finished, you'll receive a +250 XP bonus for completing the objective, and new orders from Sarif to take out the Purity First leader, Zeke Sanders.

Before leaving, search the hacker's body for a CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack, Nuke Virus Software, and a Credit Chip, not to mention his 10mm Pistol nearby. You can also take a look around the room for some Combat Rifle Ammo, Tranquilizer Darts, and, underneath a cardboard box, a Stop! Worm Software. When you're done, exit through the door near the hacker's body.

7 - Elevator

Take the elevator at the end of the hallway up to the Sarif Plant Admin Building when you're ready to go confront Zeke Sanders. There isn't any loot to speak of in the hallway, so don't worry about missing any once you've exited the Server Room.