Hengsha LIMB Clinic (Return)
Hengsha LIMB Clinic (Return)

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Your return to Henghsa's LIMB Clinic will allow you to purchase two more Praxis Kits, but you'll also be able to pick up the replacement biochip for your faulty one at no extra cost. Beyond that, there's another side-quest here offered by one of the doctors.

1 - Dr. Huang Ling

Speak to Dr. Ling and she'll tell you the problem with the chip involves the "peripheral nerve interface", whatever that means. You'll be able to either accept or refuse it, though you'll be able to come back later and pick it up if you change your mind. There is a fairly large consequence later in the game based on this decision - if you get the implant (+250 XP), the next boss fight will become significantly more difficult, while if you don't, you'll have a much easier time with it.

Otherwise, you'll be able to purchase the usual LIMB stock from Dr. Ling:
  • Ammunition: Typhoon Ammo (5x, 100 Credits)
  • Consumables: Hypostim (2x, 100 Credits), CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar (2x, 250 Credits)
  • General Augmentations: Praxis Kit (2x, 5000 Credits).

2 - Doctor Wing

Doctor Wing will speak up as you get near. Talk to him and he'll (after a long bout of dialogue) ask you to take down a dangerous Belltower operative who has gone rogue, and is now murdering various government officials and other people of influence. Accepting the proposal will begin the Talion A.D. side-quest. The man you need to deal with, Michael Zelazny, is hiding out in a butcher shop in the Youzhao District, and you'll need to talk with him, make him see reason... or, if he won't, then take him out yourself.

When you return to Doctor Wing, he'll respond a bit differently depending on how you handled Zelazny - you'll be able to lie to him or tell the truth if you let Zelazny go, for instance. All outcomes, however, will end up with Doctor Wing giving you a Praxis Kit, a reward of +1000 XP, and the Talion A.D. achievement.

A - Exit to Kuaigan District (Return)